Live Tv BD Server List 2023

Currently there are numerous FTP servers in Bangladesh. Nowadays many people want to download live TV, movie download, various types of games online. But many people face various problems while using different servers. In many cases no FTP server is active. So everyone keeps searching for these types of FTP servers that are always active. Active FTP server is discussed for downloading any large file or movie online.

What is FTP server

FTP Server is a server system designed to perform file related operations using File Transfer Protocol. FTP helps perform operations such as uploading, downloading, deleting, and setting file permissions on file sets on the server. Various types of files can be stored on an FTP server, submitted to specific folders on the server, and users can perform file operations by connecting to the FTP server with FTP client software using specific usernames and passwords.

FTP servers can generally be used for file sharing, file storage on servers, system management, and website hosting on web hosting servers. In general, FTP servers are typically connected with their EPS (IP address) and port number, and from there with username and password. Performs file operations by logging in.

How FTP servers work

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server working process basically uses a network protocol to perform file related operations between client and server. It follows a client-server model, where the client can upload files and the server can download files, store files on the server, and perform other file-related processes.

These tasks are primarily done through the following steps:

  1. Server Listening: The FTP server normally listens to servers on the designated port (usually port 21). When a client connects to the server, the server authorizes the connection.
  2. Client connects: The client connects to the FTP server from a local machine with the server’s IP and port number. 
  3. Login process: When the client connects to the server, the server asks the client to authenticate username and password rights. If this credential is correct, the client is logged in to the server and can perform file operations.
  4. File Operations: After logging in to the server, the client can upload, download, delete, move, or perform other operations on files on the server.
  5. Establishing or disconnecting: After the operation is completed, the client can establish or disconnect from the server. 

FTP Server BD

Currently, the use of FTP servers in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. FTP server is mostly used for watching live TV channels online and downloading movies. But users are loyal and always want to know more about Active Server. This is because many servers are not always active and are not secure. So we will know about some active and secure Live TV BD servers.

Live TV BD Server List

Many search for live TV online. Many people want to know about Active Server. Below is a list of some active servers.


FTP server facility

Following is a list of most of the advantages of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers:

  1. File Operations: FTP servers allow users to upload, download, delete, move, and set file permissions. This facility is important for file server related control and file management.
  2. Usage in many websites in Bangladesh: Many websites in Bangladesh are hosted using FTP servers, which facilitate file and database administration of the website. 
  3. Location-free editing: Most FTP servers allow users to perform file-related operations from remote locations, making it simple and convenient.
  4. Speed ​​and Fastness: Performing file related operations by FTP server is easy and fast, which helps to transfer files. 
  5. Security and Required Permissions: Using an FTP server can provide a certain level of security, since file operations can be performed with each other carefully. In addition, the user has the opportunity to set permissions that perform the necessary security checks with the server. 
  6. Customization Opportunities: Most FTP servers offer customization opportunities in the system, which users can configure as per their needs.
  7. Multiplatform Support: FTP server can be used on most platforms, which allows users to perform file operations on the server from different platforms. 
  8. Fast file transfer: FTP server provides speed and speed to perform file transfer and file related operations, which helps in large file related tasks.
  9. Remote access: FTP server users can access files and data from remote locations, which helps in sharing data easily. 

Overall, FTP server can be an important tool for file operations and file management, easy to use and helps to solve technical problems in many ways.


Live TV, Movies, Dramas, Webseries can be easily watched and downloaded through FTP server. FTP server is best for downloading at high speed with any type of internet connection. Currently, the use of FTP servers in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. So this article lists some of the best live TV FTP servers in Bangladesh.