land gov bd থেকে জমির খতিয়ান ও মৌজা ম্যাপ যাচাই করার নিয়ম

land gov bd থেকে জমির খতিয়ান ও মৌজা ম্যাপ যাচাই করার নিয়ম. Dear visitor, through our website you will get all the directions related to land. For those of you who want to know the answers to various questions related to land, all the information has been coordinated and shared with you through posts on our website. Today, through this post, you will know the rules for collecting Khatian. Those who have to withdraw from Khatian should follow the following rules. Find out how to collect Khatian from your phone without running to the land office.

www eporcha gov bd Apply

By visiting this website, you can easily know the land information, deeds, and possession. www eporcha gov bd website can be visited from any u. So if you live abroad then go to www eporcha gov bd website and know the statistics. E-Porcha is an online platform where you can easily download land deeds and verify possession. You can easily confirm your land e-ledger through an e-Porcha provider Login e-Porcha. It is a digital provider used by the Ministry of Lands which can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Ministry of Lands, Government of Bangladesh has its own website to view Mauza map online at home. Where 100% reliable information is available and this information is updated continuously By following just a few steps, you can design a mouza for any area Step-by-step tutorial showing how to extract Mouza map.

Rules for viewing land registration online

You can generally get land deeds/papers online in three ways. Namely:

Check Khatian online, Apply yourself through the website or by applying from any online store & Apply from Union Information Service Center or District e-Service Center or
You can get your land deed/paper copy from the digital record room. We will discuss how you can get or check land certificates online without applying manually

  • .First go to this link –
  • How to get a land certificate online
  • Now click on the Khatian Search button. At this stage you will see a page like below from here you have to
  • select your division, district, Upazila, and mauza (village). After selecting you will see some more options.
  • Khatian No., Daag No., Name of Owner, Name of Father/Husband, here you have to tick on which basis you want to check Khatian.

land gov bd ministry of land

This is basically a land ministry site. Many of us know about the benefits of this site and many don’t. So those who don’t know can know all the details of this site from here. For your convenience, we are discussing all these issues in detail here. Please read the entire post carefully. Through this website, we can take various services related to land i.e. land. From here you can apply for Inheritance Certificate. Also can calculate online. And learn about the Land Information Bank. That means you understand how important this site is to us. Apart from the mentioned things we can get many more benefits through this website.

Check Mouza Through

You will need a computer/laptop or mobile device and you must have an internet connection. I will use the website to visit Mauza. This is the official website of the Ministry of Lands. Visit this link to view your land map.

  • After entering the Ministry of Lands website , a page similar to the one shown above will open.
  • From here you need to click through “RS Khatian”.
  • After clicking through “RS Khatian” you will see a menu at the top header of the page.
  • Where there is a menu called “Mauja Map-Online Application”. Click on that menu.
  • After clicking on the “Mauja Map-Online Application” menu, a page like an image above will open. Fill in the
  • blanks on this page with your desired information.
  • A score will be given to prevent spamming.
  • After entering the sum correctly click on the “Find” button.
  • After clicking on the “Search” button it will display the results according to the information you provided. That is, you will see your desired Mauza map.
  • Now you can download this map on your computer or mobile if you want. You can download your Mouza map the same way you download other images from the Internet.
  • Here you will see a topic that says ” Apply for Certified Copy.


I hope you can know all the details about the land gov bd থেকে জমির খতিয়ান ও মৌজা ম্যাপ যাচাই করার নিয়ম. I hope you can do it alone with following all the rules in here. So Check All the rules and apply in online. Also On this website you can know all the government website work and how to do work on online.