How to get V badge in Free Fire ID

In this article, we will discuss How to get V badge in Free Fire ID. Free Fire exclusive V badge arrived in the game quite around some time and has become the most famous title in Free Fire. The Free Fire Players admire to acquire it, FF Players need this for the only reason to show off it in front of their friends.

The Free Fire Gamers actively search for a solution to get the V badge but cannot find a functional one. let me tell you Free Fire The V badge is only for Free Fire exclusive partners and is not available for normal players.

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How to get a V badge in Free Fire ID – Step by Step guide

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Each and every Free Fire player, who has been active in the Free Fire community, for quite a long surely know that the availability of the V badge.

it’s also specified in the OB25 patch notes, only Free Fire exclusive partners will be receiving such badges as V badges in the game. this badge will be displayed before their IGN and profile in the game.

For those who are interested to obtain it, the one and the only access route is to apply for the Partner Program and get accepted by Free Fire officials. There are several requirements that must meet to be considered for the application.

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How to get V badge in Free Fire ID
To get V badge in Free Fire ID follow these steps ( Image via Free Fire)

To get a V badge the minimum requirement is, the applicant must need a minimum subscriber base of 100k. with more than 300k views in 30 days. and the applicant’s YouTube channel should have at least 80 percent of its content related to Free Fire. The content that may be posted must be clean, non-offensive, and engaging.

You may follow the instructions below to get a V badge by joining the Free Fire Partner Program.

Step 1: You can visit Free Fire’s dedicated website for the Partner Program via this link.

How to get V badge in Free Fire ID
To get V badge in Free Fire ID click on the Apply Now Button ( Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Next, you need to fill out a registration form provided by Free Fire, which will be available by clicking the Apply Now button.

Step 3: After you click on the send button the form is submitted, all the submitted applications will be screened by Free Fire officials, and the most deserving will receive a V badge in the game.

Apart from the V Badge, the Free Fire exclusive partners also receive many other benefits and rewards from Free Fire. This includes special invites to tournaments and esports events, exclusive merchandise, and more.