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Why and How BTR Failed to Qualify in PMGC Global Finals?

PMCO, PMPL ID, SEA, PMWL, PMGC S0 All those who have been watching BTR in these tournaments knows that this team can never be seen without a top position. At the beginning of the tournament PMGC, no one will forget that they came from the 18th position to the 1st position with a heart attack level of a comeback. And this strategy of BTR was memorized by everyone, this time everyone was thought they will come back the same as before but this time that hope was extinguished. Luxxy, Zuxxy, Liquid gave up that hope. But why?

BTR Mistakes in PMGC League Stage

BTR PMGC analysis

BTR PMGC analysis BTR PMGC analysis

BTR PMGC analysis BTR PMGC analysis BTR PMGC analysis

BTR PMGC analysis BTR PMGC analysis

BTR PMGC analysis

The downfall of the team started after the departure of MicroBoyy, but after the arrival of uHigh, there was a little hope to get back to the previous form, but there was also sand. Synergy could not match anything. Struggling from the league stage to come to the league final, that game without chaos. Collect only 11 points in 6 matches on the last day? this is not the BTR we used to see earlier.

PMWL Champion finished the tournament at 16th position in the midst of all these mistakes, changing teammates, again and again, drop clash, wrong positioning, no map reading, erroneous scouting for ego satisfaction even after losing again and again.

I was analyzing the last few matches, too much early exit in 5 matches that I could not sit without writing about it. The experiment is Good, But When It’s Time to Show Your Class Then Shut the #$%$ up and Do It. Do it for the fan. If the team is not disbanded then this team will come back strongly for sure but at this stage, the fans will suffer even if it is a little disappointing.

For those of you who regularly play competitive, make a proper 4 man roaster who will be in 80% match your level. Otherwise, you have to go around with this underdog tag all the time.

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