Gtv Live (জিটিভি লাইভ দেখুন) Watch Online Gazi Tv Live Streaming

Gtv (Gazi Tv) is a Bangladeshi satellite television channel. Anyone can watch Gtv live through Tv, DTH, Internet (online) by Mobile or Computer. Gtv is the most favorite Tv channel for cricket lovers all over the world. When a cricket match or league is held in Asia, cricket fans first think of GTV. So the game will be on GTV and cricket fans will definitely watch it. Many people cannot be in front of the TV in their busy schedule so it is not possible to watch live GTV (Gazi TV) channel on TV. As a result, everyone wants to watch GTV live online on mobile, computer, or laptop. In this case, many people face problems in watching cricket or football games live on Gazi TV online. So today I will discuss how to watch GTV live online. I will also discuss GTV or Gazi TV in detail.

Gazi Tv

GTV is used as an acronym for Gazi TV. Moreover, GTV can be seen on the TV screen as the logo of Gazi TV. Gazi TV (GTV) is an entertainment-based TV channel. The channel simultaneously broadcasts movies, songs, news, dramas, talk shows, sports, etc. That is why GTV is the most popular TV channel in Bangladesh. However, the channel has become popular in the fastest time mainly for broadcasting cricket games (such as BPL, IPL, ICC World Cup, cricket series, etc.).

On June 12, 2012, the Gazi Group started broadcasting GTV. GTV is owned by Gazi Satellite Television Limited, and privately by Golam Dastagir Gazi. Gazi Satellite Television Limited has bought the broadcasting rights of BPL, IPL, T20 World Cup, English League (Football), and various games and will buy the rights of different games in the future. GTV also broadcasts all these games online under the name RabbitholeBD.

Gazi Tv (Gtv) HD Satellite & Frequency

The GTV channel is broadcast from Dhaka by Gazi Satellite Copyright. Gazi TV is currently being telecast on two different satellite frequencies. However, this has not been the case since the beginning of the channel’s journey. From the very beginning, GTV has been broadcasting through the Thai satellite Apstar 7 76.5e. Since the launch of Bangladesh’s own Bangabandhu satellite in space, GTV has been associated with it. At present, GTV is being broadcast on Bangabandhu 119.1e of Bangladesh as well as Thailand Satellite. Thus, GTV broadcasts through two different satellites Apstar 7 76.5e and Bangabandhu 119.1e.

Gtv HD Satellite & Frequency Info

Channel Name GAZI TV 
Country Bangladesh
Satellite  Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E
Frequency 4760
Symbol Rate 30000
Polarity H
FEC SR 2/3
Transponder 4760 H 30000
Quality Format MPEG-4 DVB-S2
Encryption  FTA Free To Air

Platforms To Watch Gtv

GTV (Gazi TV) is a free-to-air channel. As a result, GTV can be watched for free from any part of the world through dish and set-top boxes. GTV also free telecasts live online for mobile and internet users. Note that whenever a sport is telecast (cricket, football, etc.) GTV broadcasts regular programs online on the free telecast. So if you want to enjoy ICC or FIFA World Cup, Asia Cup, T20, Cricket or Football matches, etc on GTV then you have to watch on TV or the Rabbitholbd platform. However, there are several ways to watch live GTV, let’s Discuss them all.

Watch Gtv Live

There are several popular media to watch GTV (Gazi TV) online, offline, mobile, computer, and TV. The most popular and common medium is watching GTV on TV. Moreover, GTV Live is being watched in Full HD on TV as various DTH are available now. But as the era is becoming more technology-dependent, the Distance of people from TV is increasing. With the availability of smart mobile phones and the internet to everyone, everyone is relying online. As a result, many people prefer to watch GTV online while working during cricket or football matches. However, there are many problems to watch GTV live online due to internet connection problems. That’s why many people like to enjoy live cricket on GTV in high definition on smart TV. So, in terms of preference and convenience, whichever way you want to watch GTV, here are all the methods to watch GTV for you.

Here are some methods to watch GTV live:

  1. Watch GTV on TV with a dish line or Set-Top-Box
  2. Watch GTV live online on computer or mobile

Below is a detailed Discussion of all these methods to show how GTV can be viewed.

Gtv Live On Tv

Almost everyone in Bangladesh has a TV in their home and in their spare time, the whole family sits together and enjoys programs. And one of the entertainment media is GTV. Because, apart from regular programs, GTV broadcasts popular cricket and football from various countries including Bangladesh. Nowadays cricket, football matches have become very popular and everyone at home enjoys watching GTV on TV together. GTV is available on the Dish line in all areas of Bangladesh. So GTV can be seen on TV from any part of the country. For that, you just need to auto-search or tune the TV.

Live Cricket On Gtv Via DTH (Akash, BengalDigital TV)

Those who do not have a Dish line at home can watch GTV by connecting different DTH for free and by purchasing packages. When you watch GTV using DTH you can watch it in Full HD without any jitter as compared to the normal Dish line. In this case, it would be better to use a premium DTH, because if you use a free set-top-box you can watch GTV for free, but you need to apply technical knowledge by connecting the right signal to the Dish antenna. And in the premium DTH available in the market like ‘Aakash’ ‘Bengal Digital’ etc. you can watch popular channels of the country and abroad as well as GTV.

Lowest package, price, and channel number of DTH with GTV available in Bangladesh:

On Akash Digital TV, the GTV HD channel number is 132. Akash has three packages each with GTV. Akash Digital TV’s lowest-priced package ‘Akash Lite’ is priced at 299 Tk per month which includes a total of 80+ channels including 20 HD channels.

In BengalDigital TV, GTV SD channel number is 27. BengalDigital TV has a total of 4 packages and each contains GTV. But on BengalDigital TV, you can watch a total of 155+ channels including GTV 14 HD and 142 SD channels at the lowest price of just 300 Tk.

Watch GTV with Free To Air Dish Set Top Box

There are many people who live in places where there is no dish line connection near their home. Again you don’t have DTH with GTV at your place or don’t want to watch GTV even after paying a monthly subscription. They can buy the free dish and set-top box and watch GTV live from any part of the world also completely free.

  • For this, you first need to buy a DIS and a free-to-air channel box which costs very little.
  • Then on the roof of the house or at a high place or in an empty space, the dish umbrella should be placed towards the Bangabaundhu1 satellite, ie 119.1°E, and the LNB cable should be connected to the set-top-box and the line of the box should be given to the TV.
  • Now go to the free-to-air set-top-box settings and search with the above-mentioned GTV satellite and frequency information.
  • All channels of Bangabundhu1 119.1°E will be available if all settings and signals are correct. And since GaziTV / GTV is among the free-to-air channels, so you can watch GaziTV / GTV for free.

Watch Online Gtv Live

There are some facilities to watch GTV online from mobile or computer devices. The good news here is that Gazi Group itself provides this facility, again completely free. But for those who want to watch GTV online to watch live cricket or football matches, the method of watching GTV is different. Because GTV does not own the rights of cricket or football matches alone. So, they don’t offer free online YouTube or GTV on Facebook at that time. At that time also GTV live broadcast on YouTube or Facebook which is free to watch. However, live matches are not shown there, instead regular programs of GTV are broadcast. Also occasionally live cricket or football matches are broadcast by GTV from Rabbitholbd’s YouTube channel whose rights are fully owned by GTV.

GTV can also be watched live online from various mobile apps. Although there is no official app provided by Ghazi TV to watch GTV live. But there are many third-party apps on the internet where you can watch many TV channels including GTV and football, cricket, and league matches. The good news is that GTV has an official website to broadcast live sports events so that you can watch the game without buffering. But in this case, GTV will charge a certain amount. There are also many websites that show live GTV legally or illegally. In which you can watch GTV directly online for free through mobile or computer browsers. Again there are many IPTV companies in Bangladesh who provide BDIX facilities to watch GTV live online. Below is a detailed discussion about all these media so that you can watch GTV for free or premium.

Gtv Live Stream On Youtube

GTV has an official YouTube channel where you can watch live GaziTV channel online. GaziTV officially streams GTV so the live video is not blocked due to any copyright issues. GTV’s YouTube channel has more than 1.8M subscribers. Here we share the official streaming video of GTV Live.

Watch Gtv Live Cricket On RabitholeBD

Most of us know that during cricket or football matches there is no sport to be watched on GTV Live which is broadcasted on YouTube. How to watch GTV’s live cricket or football during those times? GTV has created an online platform called “RabbitholeBD” exclusively for watching sports especially live cricket and football matches. Yes! Those who want to watch live cricket on GTV online must watch from Can GTV live cricket be watched for free from RabbitholeBD? Your answer is No!

You can watch all the sports (cricket, football, drama, LaLiga, English Premier Ligue, EPL, T20 World Cup, LIGUE 1, SERIE A, EUFA Champions Ligue, UCL) that GTV owns from RabbitholeBD, but in this case, you have to buy a subscription for a certain day for a certain amount. Although this is a paid service that will show you all the popular cricket or football games online for money, the service is absolutely premium. From RabbitholeBD Prime, you can watch live cricket beautifully without any buffering or slowdown. Although you can watch those live sports of GTV through various other websites or apps, the video slows down or stops when the number of visitors is high. If you want to watch GTV live cricket for free then those sources are also discussed below. Now let’s know how to watch GTV Live Cricket from RabbitholeBD.

The procedure to watch Live Cricket or GTV from RabbitholeBD is very simple.

  1. First, visit from your mobile or computer device.
  2. Then click on the “Subscribe Now” button on the right corner of the loaded webpage. Then the registration page will appear and there will be all the details related to the package.
  3. From there select the money package of your choice and click on the continue button. There are 3 term packages. You can buy subscriptions to RabbitHolbD for one day, one month and 6 months. If you want to watch World Cup matches then one month package will be best for you. Because Ward Cup will end within 1 month. And if you want to enjoy all cricket and league football matches on GTV then the 6 months package will suit you.
  4. Now you will be asked for a mobile number with which you will register on Rabbitholbd. Click on the login button with your mobile number. Then an OTP code SMS will be sent to your mobile. After providing that OTP code and login you can see the payment options. From there pay using your convenient payment method. Payment methods are Grameenphone Balance, Robi or Airtel Balance, Debit Card or Mobile Banking (Rocket), or Net Banking, Bkash.

After payment, you can watch live cricket matches of your choice which will also be played on GTV screen. If you want you can register by email without giving a mobile number. You or your friend can easily enjoy live cricket on any device if you register with Rabbitholbd using your mobile number.

Rabbitholbd’s packages include GTV Live Cricket

After subscribing you can watch ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, La Liga Santander, English Premier League, Serie A TIM, Ligue 1 Uber Eats, All Bangladesh Cricket Home Series, etc. matches for 24 hours unlimited. But you can only watch on one device at a time. If you want to watch on a different device, you need to log out from the current device. If you want to watch GTV Live Cricket on RabbitholeBD for 24 hours then it will cost 20 Taka. Also, 99 Taka for 30 days and 499 Taka for 6 months.

Watch Gtv Live On Facebook

Nowadays Facebook is very popular among social media for telecasting live events. Moreover, almost everyone spends most of their day using Facebook. So when a cricket match is going on then Facebook users want to watch that game live on Facebook. And almost everyone knows that GTV broadcasts live all the popular cricket matches including Bangladesh, so everyone searches by writing GTV Live on Facebook. Although GTV does not officially show GTV live cricket on Facebook, various pages illegally stream GTV live. Those GTV live cricket matches are watched by many Facebook users. But those live GTV cricket match streams are not active for long.

So if you want to watch all those live GTV streams on Facebook in a random way, then go to the search box of your Facebook account and search for GTV Live. The sound quality of GTV live cricket videos on Facebook is very bad and the video is cropped.

Free Gtv Live On IP Tv

If you are an IPTV user, you can watch GTV live online seamlessly. In this case, people of Bangladesh and all other countries can watch 250+ channels including GTV through IPTV. It should be noted that GTV can be viewed for free on IPTV and can also be viewed in premium mode. But many times GTV is not seen in the free. So, foreigners can watch 250+ channels including GTV for 1 month through BDIPTV for just 6 dollars and Bangladeshis for only 150 taka.

Watch Gtv Free On BDIPTV.Stream

There is an opportunity to watch the GTV channel for free on BDIPTV.Stream website. However, it is not known whether this site has the legal rights to stream GTV live. Also, this site has many pop-up ads and server issues. Because of which you can get very bored trying to watch GTV live. Better to buy a premium subscription and watch GTV live. Because, apart from GTV, the premium package includes 250 more channels including around 50 sports channels.

Watch Gtv On BDIPTV.Com With a Subscription Fee

If you want to watch sports channels along with other TV channels on your mobile, computer, or smart TV device then IPTV is the best option for you. In this case, can be your favorite online IPTV channel collection where you will find around 250 TV channels including 50 sports channels and 3000+ movies, web series, etc. (Note that we don’t know whether they are providing these TV channels legitimately or not. NewResultsBD is not affiliated with their services in any way. The information mentioned in this post is provided for educational purposes only. It is not an advertisement, anyone who buys their package, Do it at your own risk.)

Gtv Live Apk Download GaziTV Mobile App

There is no official mobile app to watch GTV live. GTV can be watched live online only through YouTube. Moreover, GTV can be watched through various unofficial apps. Eg: Toffee App, Bioscope App, Robi TV, etc. Also if we search by typing “GTV” in the google play store then some apps called GTV Live Sports are available. But most of them are fake. However, sometimes some apps provide links to watch GTV live, violating the copyright policy. Anyway, watch cricket matches from RabbitholeBD.Com without downloading any apk file called GTV Live.

Some Websites That Provide Gtv Live Streaming Links

Apart from the official website of GTV (, there are many websites on the internet that illegally stream GTV live without copyright. People from any country in the world can watch live GTV for free on those web pages. One such website link is CricHD.

Also, some websites according to search results by typing “GTV Live” in Google:

Gtv Live Search Results


Ways to Gtv Live Streaming

Gtv Schedule

ICC T20 World Cup Live

Gtv Official Website Link, Email, Phone, Address

Website Link:

Address: UCEP Cheyne Tower, 25, Segun Bagicha Road, Dhaka 1000.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone Number: +88 02 8391021-5


Similar Channels Like Gtv

Similar tv channels like Gazi Tv / Gtv are Tsports, Channel I, Channel 9, Masranga Tv, etc.