Free Fire OB35 Advance Server APK Download

Free Fire Advance Server APK

If you want to know the details of Free Fire OB35 Advance Server APK Download process from Garina FF, here we will discuss How you can Download the Free Fire OB35 Advance Server APK. so read the full article carefully.


How to Download Free Fire OB35 Advance Server APK File

Free Fire Advance Server Registration July 2022- Garena FF OB35 APK Download


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You need to register for the Advance Server first so follow these steps to Register for Advance Server then you can download the APK file.

  • Click this link to go to the official Free Fire Advance Server website.
  • To move on to the following stage, choose any of the login options.
  • Add the necessary information to the form, such as your email address and phone number.
  • Finish the registration procedure and wait for a reply from the game administrators.

Now follow these steps to download Free Fire OB35 Advanced Server APK file

The APK Client download page and the link to the.apk file should display when all the forms have been filled out correctly. The Free Fire OB35 Advanced Server may now be launched after you have waited for the activation code. Players may quickly sign up by providing their Gmail ID and in-game UID, which are mostly used to provide the advance server activation code and get incentives for spotting bugs or problems.

The advanced server is handled as a distinct application, so the original Free Fire doesn’t need to be uninstalled. Make sure you have enough storage and memory. This is because the APK is expected to be larger than 1GB. Additionally, when the advance server testing time is up, all players will be locked out. Despite this, you may still use your account to play in the main game.


Do you know you can earn thousands of Free Diamonds if you find and report bugs in Advance Server APK, to learn more about how to earn free diamonds read the below section.

How to Earn Free Diamonds Via Advance Server

Players that submit reports of bugs and problems in the Advance Server are rewarded with diamonds by Garena. This enables them to fix any significant issues with a specific feature prior to the real upgrade.

Gamers must register on the official website and report the Bug reproduction to receive diamonds for reporting bugs. According to their contributions, the top rewards are:

  • Diamonds worth 3000 – Major Contributor (1 person)
  • Diamonds worth 2000 – Major Contributor (2 persons)
  • Diamonds worth 1000 – Major Contributor (3 persons)

Gamers will also get 100 gems for reporting the first unidentified bug. For anyone wishing to receive free diamonds on their worldwide account, it is a great alternative.

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