Dallas McCarver Autopsy Report (Dallas McCarver Cause Of Death) How Did Dallas McCarver Die

If you’re a bodybuilding fan, you’ve definitely heard of Dallas McCarver. The bodybuilding industry was rocked last year when Dallas, 26, met with sudden death. Of course, he was seen as a prodigy and hailed as the next young mass monster to emerge from the United States. His death was tragic but also revealed his history of steroid abuse. Initially, there were rumors that he died of suffocation but it’s hard to believe that a 26-year-old is dying of suffocation! So the whole world is waiting for his post-mortem report. Now, 3 months after his death, the autopsy report is out and in Rich Piana’s case, we have the toxicology report for Dallas. So, let’s clear the air about the rumors.

Who Was Dallas McCarver?

The 6’1′, 300 pound bodybuilder started his career young and went on to earn his pro card at just 21 years old. He has won many popular bodybuilding competitions and even placed 8th in the 2016 Mr. Olympia competition. He seemed to have a promising bodybuilding career as he was huge and carried the same mass as the top level pros. However, the first shock came in March 2017 when Dallas collapsed while posing at the Arnold Classic in Australia. Although he soon returned to his regular training but in August 2017, he was found unconscious at his home. Because she was found with food scattered around her and in her esophagus, she was believed to have died of suffocation.

Dallas McCarver Autopsy Report

His autopsy report clearly stated severe cardiomegaly which means abnormal enlargement of the heart. This is common with those who use anabolic steroids and HGH. His heart weighs about 833 grams, which is about three times the size of a normal human heart, which is 300 grams. Even Rich Piana, who is 20 years older than Dallas, had a heart that weighed 670 grams. You can imagine that steroids were abused to achieve such great things at such a young age.

In addition to kidney and liver hypertrophy, the autopsy report clearly states that he died of an ‘undetected acute cardiac event’, which was caused by previously ruled out causes of severe concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. His cardiac enlargement was attributed to chronic use of exogenous steroids and non-steroid hormones. There is a significant difference between a naturally occurring cardiovascular disease and the chronic use of exogenous hormones that was the case in Dallas’ early death.

Dallas McCarver Toxicology Report

His toxicology report showed clear abuse of testosterone. His testosterone was 550 ng/ml when the normal range is 270 to 1070 ng/dl. It is more than a simple drug used by bodybuilders to increase their testosterone levels. His toxicology report tested positive for ‘Trenbolone’ which is a lethal anabolic steroid. It is very strong and equally tough for the human body.

For a safe dose of trenbolone, cholesterol increases by 20-30 points and blood pressure sky rockets. Abuse of ‘Tren’ can lead to major heart problems. Surprisingly, Dallas didn’t pay attention and is on the highway to hell. Also, stacking such high levels of testosterone with a drug like trenbolone, invites a major problem due to stress on the heart.

Dallas McCarver Autopsy report revealed

Dallas McCarver, IFBB professional bodybuilder, died after an unexpected cardiac event with a combination of coronary atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries) and an enlarged left ventricle (a thickening of the heart muscle that makes it work harder). McCarver had a family history of cardiovascular disease, including both hypertension and atherosclerosis. Dallas was found on the floor of her living room shortly after midnight on August 22, 2017, with food scattered around her body.

Paramedics were called and he arrived at the hospital in full cardiac arrest. He was declared dead at 1:30 p.m. An autopsy was performed the next day. At autopsy there was an enlarged liver and kidney, nephrosclerosis (a hardened liver), bulky lungs, and a papillary thyroid carcinoma. Past medical history includes cholesterol problems (high LDL/low HDL), elevated aminotransferase levels, chronic cough and wheezing, and childhood asthma.

His testosterone levels at the time of death were within the normal range, despite an elevated epitestosterone level (suggesting testosterone replacement, though not abuse per se). Trenbolone metabolites were also present. Screening for excess steroids was negative, although she tested positive for caffeine and marijuana metabolites (neither of which were cited as the cause of her death). No other recreational drugs or narcotics were present.

Dallas McCarver Dead at Age 26

At age 21, Dallas McCarver won the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) North American Bodybuilding Championships. And became the youngest professional bodybuilder to win a pro qualifier competition. Over the next five years, he bulked up 300 pounds to a 6’1″ frame, won numerous bodybuilding competitions. And became known as one of the strongest and most dedicated professional bodybuilders in the world.

On the evening of August 22, 2017, his roommate and fellow bodybuilder. Josh Lenartowicz, found McCarver unconscious on the floor with food scattered around him and no heartbeat. Josh immediately called 911 and an ambulance took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:03 AM. An autopsy revealed that he did not choke to death on a piece of food, as first reported.

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