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Class 8 English 4th Week Assignment Answer

Class 8 4th Week English Assignment Answer

Class 8 English 4th Week Assignment Answer, 4th Soptaho Uttor, অষ্টম শ্রেণীর ইংরেজী ৪র্থ সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান, ক্লাস ৮ম চতুর্থ সপ্তাহের ইংরেজী প্রশ্নের উত্তর। English 1st & 2nd Answer, Paragraph, Grammar. The 4th week assignment syllabus has been published. After getting the 4th week class 8 English assignment questions, we are starting to question solves. You will get all answer very soon.

Class 8 English 4th Week Assignment Syllabus & Answer

Class 8 4th Week English Assignment Syllabus

Unit and Title of the 4th week English Assignment Of Class Seven

English Grammar and Composition, Class-8

Unit-7: Changing Sentences Paragraph (Descriptive)

Assigned Tasks/ Assignment For 4th week English Assignment Of Class Seven

Exercise at page no. 143 (উত্তর নিচে রয়েছে)

Changing assertive sentences into interrogative

Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe that place answering the following questions:

  1. Where did you visit?
  2. Why did you go there?
  3. How did you go there?
  4. Who accompanied you?
  5. Did you like the place? Why/Why not?

Assessment Criteria 4th week English Assignment Of Class Seven

Teacher will check the grammar exercises and write comments and assess the paragraph from different aspects such as grammar, ideas, organization of ideas, communication, punctuation and spelling.

Exercise at page no. 143 Answer

Change the assertive sentence to interrogative;

1) It was a great sight.

Ans: Wasn’t it a great sight?

2) No one can tolerate this.

Ans: Who can tolerate this?

3) Nobody salutes the setting sun.

Ans: Who salutes the setting sun? / Does anybody salute the setting sun?

4) Gulliver could hear his watch ticking in his pocket.

Ans: Couldn’t Gulliver hear his watch ticking in his pocket?

5) It is useless to cry over spilt milk.

Ans: Isn’t it useless to cry over spilt milk?

6) The beauty of nature is beyond description.

Ans: Isn’t the beauty of nature beyond description?

7) Everybody has heard of Darwin.

Ans: Who doesn’t have heard of Darwin? / Who hasn’t heard of Darwin?

8) He has his dinner at seven every evening.

Ans: Doesn’t he have his dinner at seven every evening?

9) I told him to practice regularly.

Ans: Didn’t I tell him to practice regularly?

10) Virtue has its own reward.

Ans: Doesn’t virtue have its own reward?

visited a place last year

The place I visited last

Travelling is always a great fun for me. Last year I went to my uncle’s house in Sylhet. Last year, in the summer holiday, my uncle invited me and my family to go there . I told my father about that. He told me that he couldn’t go with us neither mother. So I called my friends to go with me. 3 of them agreed to go with me.We decided that we would go there by bus. Though it will take too much time, but we love the bus journey. We  started the journey early in the morning. It took almost 7 hours to reach there. My uncle welcomed us warmly. We went to my uncle house and take some rest, have some food and gossiped too much that day. Next day we decided to go travel Sylhet. We already choose some place to go. At first we went to the Bisanakandi. Bisanakandi is a very beautiful place, adorned with hills, stones, waterfall and river. [Answered By NewResultBD.Com] We spend more than 3 hours there. Then we went to the Shahjahal Darga Sharif. It is really a holly place. More than thousands people came to take prayer in here from home and abroad. Then we also went to the Lalakhal, Pang Thu Pai, KhadimNagar National Park, and specially the tea garden. We take several kinds of tea and they all are delicious. We spend 5 days there. And the last day we went to see Juflong. It is really an amazing place. I really enjoy those days very much. I can’t forget the journey.

Class 8 English 4th Week 3rd Assignment Task Computer Type Image or PDF Download

Class 8 English 4th Week 3rd Assignment Answer Class 8 English 4th Week 3rd Assignment Answer

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