Bkash Priyo Number setup

Bkash Priyo Number setup 

Most of us have Bkash account. We regularly transact in bKash. In case of using the bKash account,when we send money during the transaction, our money is spent. Many of us don’t like to spend this extra money to send money. So, considering customer convenience Bkash has brought some changes in their policy. 

Under the new rules, bKash is offering its customers the benefit of sending money free of cost subject to certain conditions. But many do not know how to add bkash priyo number. So, what is bkash priyo number? How to add bkash favorite number or bkash favorite number setup. Bkash Priyo Number Set Using App-bKash Priyo Number Add using App In this article we will discuss about the benefits of bKash Priyo Number. So read the article carefully to know about the condition of free send money to bKash favorite number. 


BKash favorite number setup 

Now many of you are wondering what is the favorite number of bKash? So before talking about bKash favorite number, what is bKash favorite number? That needs to be discussed. Many people do not know about bKash favorite number. Bkash is the favorite number.You can make free send money to the bKash number of the person whose bKash number you have saved in the list of favorite numbers of your bKash account. 


That means Bkash has given us a way to make free send money. When we set a bKash number to the favorite number of our bKash account, we will be able to send free money from bKash to that favorite number. In other words, free send money can be made through bKash favorite number according to some conditions. This is bKash’s favorite number. 


BKash Priyo Number Set – bKash Priyo Number Add using App   

Using bKash app, you can easily set bKash favorite number. So, follow the instructions below to set bKash favorite number using bKash app. 

  • Log in to the bkash app 
  • Login with PIN 
  • Click on the text “Send Money” 
  • Click on “Tap for Free Send Money” 
  • On the displayed page you will see a list of your favorite numbers (if any) 
  • Bkash Click the “Add” button at the bottom to set the favorite number 
  • Then enter or select the number you want to set as bkash favorite number 
  • After that, if you submit with bKash account PIN, that number will be set as bKash favorite number. 


Rules for setting Bkash favorite number by dialing on the phone 

If you want, you can take advantage of Free Send Money by dialing your phone and setting bkash favorite number. You can add up to 5 personal numbers to your list of favorite numbers. And you can make free send money to these 5 numbers. Follow the steps below to set bkash favorite number by dialing * 247 #. 


  • Dial * 247 # 
  • To enter My Bkash, type 8 and reply 
  • Enter the Priyo Numbers’ menu by typing 4 
  • Reply by typing 1 
  • To add a favorite number, type 1 and reply 
  • Then you want to set the number as the favorite number 
  • Then enter the name of the favorite number you want to give 
  • After that, if you reply by typing your bkash pin, your favorite number will be added. 


The advantage of developing favorite numbers 

If you set your bkash favorite number then you will get various benefits. The advantage of setting a favorite number of bKash is that Send Money is absolutely free. Usually when we send money to a number, some charges are deducted according to the amount of money. 


If you set bKash favorite number, then you can send free money to that favorite number without any charge. In other words, if you send money to bKash favorite number, no charge will be deducted. This is the advantage of bKash favorite number. We hope you find out about bKash Favorite Number and the benefits of bKash Favorite Number. 


Condition to make free send money to bKash favorite number

  • A Bkash subscriber in a calendar month. You can add 5 bKash customer account numbers (not agent or merchant number) as your favorite number. 
  • No charges will be levied for sending money of Tk.100 or less to any number of bKash App and USSD (by dialing * 246 #). 
  • There will be no charge for sending money to favorite numbers up to Tk. 25,000 per calendar month. 
  • From Tk. 25,000.01 to Tk. 50,000 per month, a charge of Tk. 5 per transaction will be applicable for the preferred number. 


  • If the monthly transaction on the preferred number exceeds Tk. 50,000, a charge of Tk. 10 will be applicable for each transaction. 
  • In case of border transactions, higher charges will be applicable as per the above-mentioned limit. Example: A customer has already sent Tk 24,500 to a favorite number in 1 month. Now if he wants to send another 800 taka to a favorite number, (Total 25,100 taka). Then a charge of Rs 5 will be applicable for this transaction. Similarly, a customer has already sent money of Tk. 49,500 to a favorite number in 1 month. Now if he wants to send another 800 taka to a favorite number, (total 50,100 Taka). Then a charge of Rs 10 will be applicable for this transaction. 
  • A customer can have a maximum of 5 favorite numbers at any given moment. 
  • The ‘Send Money to Favorite Number’ feature will be available on both the bKash app and USSD (by dialing * 246 #) channels. 


Hope you found the answer to your question by reading today’s article. Thanks for staying with me till the end. 

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