Benefits Of Nanotechnology-Based Eye Serum: Say Goodbye To Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Eye bags, swollen eyes, dark circles, and other issues can result from lack of sleep, stress, and increased screen usage. Learn about the advantages of a nanotechnology-based eye serum.

Due to the current lifestyle and increased screen time, an increasing number of individuals are experiencing dark circles, swollen eyes, hollowness, eye bags, and eye wrinkles. In conjunction with NuSkin London, a UK-based beauty research laboratory, India’s premier pharmaceutical business ENTOD Pharmaceuticals has created a nanotechnology-based under-eye gel serum to solve these difficulties.

The eye serum (to be marketed as Eyecirque) is based on a revolutionary plant-based bio cellular mix that includes a vitamin A+ C+ E complex, anti-aging antioxidants, skin-lightening agents, and naturally occurring ultra-moisturizing ingredients, according to the pharmaceutical business. According to the company, the gel is ultra-light, relaxing, cooling, non-sticky, and quasi on the skin, and it absorbs quickly into the area around the eyes.

What causes dark circles and eye bags?

“The delicate region behind our eyes requires more attention and care. Sleepless nights, stress, and other factors can cause eye bags, dark circles, and other issues, emphasizing that specific region “ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Executive Director Nikkhil K Masurkar remarked.

He claimed that the under-eye gel serum they created is the first nanotechnology-based under-eye gel serum developed with scientifically proven natural ingredients like Retinol, Glutathione, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aquaxyl, and Ginseng, all of which have been thoroughly tested for safety on the skin around the eyes.

He claims that benefits may be visible within a couple of weeks of use. However, he cautioned that it should be used for at least 6 weeks to observe substantial results and to continue to enhance the skin around your eyes in the long run.

The serum is created in state-of-the-art, globally approved skin research facilities for all skin types.

Nanotechnology in eye serum has several advantages

ENTOD International Group Clinical Director Anjula Masurkar added “Ingredients have undergone a sophisticated particle size reduction procedure using nanotechnology, resulting in particle sizes of fewer than 50 nanometres. Nanoparticles of this size are absorbed about 20 times better and quicker into the skin, allowing for deeper penetration. This enables for a wider dispersion across the relevant skin location and increased bioavailability, resulting in faster and more noticeable outcomes.”

She went on to say that after extensive dermatological and ophthalmological testing, their team developed this technique specifically for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

The firm also says that the product is cruelty-free and devoid of parabens, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and other harsh ingredients.

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