Airtel All Service off Code | Airtel all Service Off code 2022

Today we will discuss the rules to stop deducting money from Airtel. The rules to stop deducting value added service in Airtel SIM, all the money deducting codes of Airtel. So, If you need to know this code, they look at the article carefully.

One of the most annoying things for all of us is to get the message and cut the money. Usually money is deducted from our phone without any reason. And for that reason, we blame the SIM company or the mobile operator, but in fact this deduction is due to our own reasons. We sometimes launch different services without knowing it. After launching this money-cutting service again, I can’t stop it. So, I have arranged today’s article with the help of Airtel SIM message on your mobile and how to stop the service of deducting money.


All these services are called VAS or Value-Added Service. But we jokingly or unknowingly say money laundering service, the way to stop money laundering message is familiar to each of us. As far as we know, almost all of us have suffered from this problem. We can easily turn off all these value-added services if we want. So, let’s find out the rules to stop these value-added services of Airtel, SIM.



VAS Service Off Code | Stop All Value-Added Service of Airtel SIM

Sometimes a certain amount of money is deducted from our SIM account for service charge by launching a service shortly after recharging money on our mobile / SIM or while there is money in the SIM. We launch the service knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, this embarrassment is faced. And today’s post is about solving this problem. From here you will get all the information to stop VAS service.


Unwanted VAS Service Off Code of BD Airtel SIM

Are you looking for rules to stop all types of Airtel SIM debit services? Then you are in the right place. Because if you read our today’s post from beginning to end, you can easily turn off all unnecessary Airtel SIM services. In today’s article, I will highlight the code to stop all Airtel SIM services. Please stay with us.


Many times when you recharge your SIM. Then all the money has been deducted from your balance due to the VAS service running on your phone. At that moment you fall into an uncomfortable environment. So today we will talk about stopping this money cutting service. So, let’s look at the rules to stop all these services.

Deactivate Airtel caller tune using USSD Code

Welcome Tune is one of the annoying vassal services. In Airtel, go to the message option of your mobile, type CT DEACT and send to 3123. The return SMS will then notify you if the caller tune is off.


Airtel All Service Stop Code (Independently)

You can turn off all Airtel VAS services by just dialing one number. Dial * 9 # to turn off all Airtel SIM money transfer services

Also If you have a Facebook update service running on your SIM, type * 325 * 22 # to turn it off.

If you have music and entertainment service on your phone, type * 121 * 3 * 2 # to turn it off.

Then Airtel SIM has a mobile backup service then to turn it off type * 121 * 3 * 3 # to turn it off.



At next Airtel’s Classifieds Service is running on your phone, type * 121 * 3 * 5 ## to turn it off.

If Cricket News Service is running on your SIM, then type * 121 * 3 * 6 # to set it up.

Or dial * 9 # to turn off all Airtel SIM payment services at once

Hope this article has solved your problem. Today we discussed all the codes of Airtel SIM. Airtel MB Check Code, Airtel Minute Check Code, Airtel Number View Code. Airtel Balance Check Code, Airtel SMS Check Code, Airtel Balance Check Code, all codes of Airtel SIM. Thanks for being with me.

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