Class 9 9th Week Assignment 2021 Question & Solution

Assignments for the 9th week of 6 to class 9 have been published. It’s time to do the 9th week of class 9 assignments. For class 9 students, 6 subject assignments have to be completed in the 9th week. However, not all subjects are compulsory for all students. There are separate subjects for science, humanities and business. 

There are two science subjects among class 9 students. One is physics and the other is biology. Finance and Banking and Accounting for Commerce students. Civics for humanities students. There is also a compulsory for students of all departments. Compulsory subject for all is the history and world civilization of Bangladesh.

Today we will discuss the solution of all the subjects of the 9th week of class 9. As always, we will create solutions for different assignments of all classes in all subjects. There will also be discussions on how to create your own assignment solutions on each topic. So the solution of assignment on any subject of 9th week of class 9 can be found on our website. We also provide a solution to any queries regarding assignments. So those who are looking for a solution for class 9 9th week assignments please follow our website.

Class 9 9th week assignment solution

Six assignments need to be completed for class 9 students in the 9th week. The subjects of the assignment are Physics, Biology, Accounting, Finance and Banking, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh and Politics and Citizenship. The main purpose of today’s article is to discuss how to solve these six assignments.


The solution of the assignment of all the subjects of the  class 9 of the 9th week will be published. There will also be instructions on how to solve the assignments. So all the Class 9 students who are worried about the solution of the assignment should read our article. As soon as you read this article, you will understand how the 9th week assignments of class 9 can be solved in a good way.


Class 9 9th Week Physics Assignment

This is the second scheduled work in the 9th week of physics class 9. The second determining assignment has been questioned from the first chapter of the physics subject. The title of the first chapter of the class 9 physics world is Physical Quantities and Measurements. That is, the physical amount of the assignment and various measurements will be discussed. From the chapter in question, knowledge will be gained about the scope of physics, contribution of different races or religious groups, purpose of physics, unit of measurement, scale, error of measurement etc.

Class 9 Physics 9th Week Assignment

Get Class 9 9th Week Physics Assignment Answer

However, the 9th week of class 9 has a core assignment of physics assignments. The assignment is to write a report on how the evolution of physics has taken place. Thus the main task of the assignment is to create a report by gaining knowledge about the physical subject and the subject determined from the measurement in the first chapter.

In order to solve the 9th week physics subject assignment, we have to follow some instructions. First of all, you have to read all the subject matter from the prescribed chapter very well. You don’t just have to read, you have to acquire knowledge from there. Because the subject of physics is extremely complex. No knowledge can be gained from memorizing without understanding. So you have to understand the content well and complete the assigned work of the assignment.

Data can be collected from textbook science periodicals on the internet to complete the assignment. Full consistency and accurate information should be provided while preparing the assignment report. Presentation of information must be applied properly. And the presentation must also maintain individuality.

Class 9 Accounting 9th week  Assignment

The class 9 accounting is taken from the second chapter. The title of the second chapter is – Transactions. In order to complete the accounting assignment, students need to understand a few topics very well. To solve the assignment, two questions have to be answered as the assigned task. In order to answer these two questions, it is very important to have a very good knowledge of the five topics.

Class 9 Accounting 9th week  Assignment

Get Class 9 9th Week Accounting Assignment Answer

The topics are the concept of the transaction, the nature of the transaction, the identification of the transaction, the accounting equation, the source of the business transaction and the related documents. In order to answer the two questions very well, the above issues have to be done very well. Here two questions need to be solved as an assignment of accounting subject. The first question is to create three hypothetical transactions and present an effect of accounting equations referring to the accounting sector.

The second question is to mention five transactions in your family and five non-transactions. So it goes without saying that answering two questions about accounting is not a very difficult subject. It would be nice if anyone could look at the contents of the assignment very well and then answer. Here are some guidelines for completing the assignment.

Get ideas about relevant topics in the textbook to solve assignments in accounting subjects. If necessary, seek the help of the teacher through mobile media. Parental assistance can be taken. A variety of suggestions can also be obtained from Google YouTube via the Internet.

Another thing is, if necessary or possible, you can take the help of 11th-12th class accounting books. Hopefully, if you can understand the content and present each transaction properly, it is possible to achieve good results from the assignment.

Class 9 Bangladesh History and World Civilization 9th Week Assignment

This is the second work of the 9th week class 9 history and world civilization assignment of Bangladesh. Chapter 2: Assignments from World Civilization. A closer look at the second chapter reveals an important civilization. The civilizations are the Egyptian civilization, the Indus civilization, the Greek civilization and the Roman civilization. The content of the assignment is based on these four civilizations. So to solve that assignment, you need to know about these four civilizations. We also hope that good results can be achieved by following the guidelines that we will provide.

Class 9 Bangladesh History and World Civilization 9th Week Assignment

Get Class 9 9th Week History Assignment Answer

The assigned task of the assignment is to produce a report entitled The Role of Greek and Roman Civilization in the Development of World Civilization. So in order to create a solution to this question we only need to have a good knowledge or idea about Greek and Roman civilization. The report should end in 250 to 300 words. Thus the essence of Greek and Roman civilization can be summarized. Because if you answer the question in detail, the answer can become much bigger.


With the help of various websites from the internet including Wikipedia to complete the assignment, it will be less difficult to create answers. Images from two civilizations can be added to standardize the answer to the question. Various magazines or books can be used on the internet to collect pictures.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a report. Content must be accurate and consistent. The information should be consistent with the content. Significant levels of individuality and creativity must be used.

Class 9 Biology 9th Week Assignment

Class 9 Biology 9th Week Assignment

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Class 9 9th Week Civics Assignment

Class 9 9th Week Civics Assignment

Get Class 9 9th Week Civics Assignment Answer

Class 9 9th Week Finance and Banking Assignment

Class 9 9th Week Finance and Banking Assignment

Get Class 9 9th Week Finance and Banking Assignment Answer