Class 7 9th Week Assignment 2021

Class 7 total 8 assignments were completed. Now it’s time for Class 7 9th week assignments. Bangla and Science subjects have been fixed for the 9th week of Class 7 . Our main objective is to create awareness among the students of the Class 7 9th week assignment. That is to give instructions on how to create assignment solutions in Bangla and science.

I will give instructions on how to solve the Class 7 9th week assignments. Separate guidance is required on Bangla and science. Because the two things are completely different. There is no similarity between one and the other. So we will provide separate instructions and solutions on Bangla and science subjects.

We will also discuss which methods will help the Class 7 9th week assignments to get good marks. And We have experienced teachers in certain subjects. We make students aware of resolving assignments by experienced faculty. We also create a solution for students. So that students can read our solution and understand how to create a solution.

Class 7 9th week assignment solution

Class 7 9th week assignments are extremely important. Because the number of assignments is very important for the Class 7 students to pass the eighth grade. So all the students should compete in making the solution of the assignment. The reason is that the solution of the assignment will depend on who gets how many marks. And the eighth grade merit chrome will depend on who got how many marks. So we need to be aware of the solution of the Class 7 9th week assignments.

Class 7 students should always make sure their solution is the best. In order to solve an assignment properly, some special rules have to be followed. Today we will discuss how to solve the Class 7 9th week assignments . Students who are worried about ninth grade assignments in Class 7  should read this article in full.


There are many students who are very weak in terms of assignments. They always think about assignments but can’t solve them. For their purposes I would say there is nothing to worry about. We always provide guidance for you. We also create solutions for any assignment. As always, we will create a solution for the Class 7 9th week assignments. If any students feel they need to download the solution then visit our website.

We will also discuss in detail how to write the solution for the Class 7 9th week assignments. Follow our instructions to learn how to optimize the solution.

Class 7 9th week Bangla assignment solution

Several assignments on Bangla subjects have been completed for the Class 7 students. So the Class 7 students have previous experience of doing Bangla assignments. There is Bangla subject in the 9th week assignment. This is the third determining work of Class 7. In other words, the Class 7 students have already submitted Bangla assignments.

Bangla 9th Week Assignment Of Class 7Get Class 7 Bangla 9th Week Assignment Answer

 The Class 7  Bangla assignment is taken from verse i.e. poetry. Amar Bari Poem has been selected as the 9th week assignment. Jasimuddin wrote the poem Amar Bari. We all know that poet Jasimuddin has been awarded as a village poet. His writings always have a touch of the countryside. Now we will discuss the solution of the Bangla Class 7 9th week assignments.

What are the arrangements and meals for entertaining a friend in my home poem? Here in my home poem a friend has to prepare a list of all the arrangements or meals that are mentioned for you. And the similarities and differences between how the guests are entertained at the present time with the entertainment mentioned in the poem should be shown in the light of one’s own family experience.


So in the light of how the guests are entertained in one’s own family, one has to compare the manner in which the poems are made. In order to prepare the 9th week Bangla assignment for Class 7 , you have to think about the arrangements for entertaining the guests of your family. If necessary, listen to the experience from another member of the household. Then we have to compare it with the kind of experience or arrangement mentioned in the poem. And the subject has to be written in the form of assignment.

Class 7 9th week science assignment solution 

This is the second determining work in the 9th week science subject of Class 7 . Selected from the second chapter of the second determining task. The subject of the second chapter of science is the cellular organization of plants and animals. Plant and animal cells have been discussed. So we can gain knowledge about the structure of plant and animal cells.

Science 9th Week Assignment Of Class 7Get Class 7 Science 9th Week Assignment Answer


A number of topics were discussed in the  class 7 9th week science assignment. The topics are descriptions of plant cells, identification of cell organs and connective tissue. Also the properties and functions of plant and animal tissues. By completing the class 7 9th week science assignment. We will be able to gain accurate knowledge about those subjects. Those aspects of science are very important. All of us science students should know.

 We will discuss what we need to do as a Class 7 science assignment. Draw a picture of plant and animal cells and present it beautifully. A list of all the organs in the human body made up of muscles and many more needs to be prepared. It is also necessary to illustrate the cells of the animal body that can respond to stimuli and produce appropriate reports.

We can gain knowledge on many subjects that can solve the class 7 9th week science assignment. And We will be able to draw pictures of animal cells and plant cells. We can also list which parts of our body are more and which are involuntary muscles. I will also be able to know the details about the nerve cells of the animal body. To get good marks for the class 7 9th week science assignment. You have to give correct answers to three questions. 


Finally, it can be said that the class 7 9th week Bangla and Science subjects assignments are very important. Although the solution of Bengali subject assignment is a bit simple, the solution of the science subject is very important and difficult. Because here you have to acquire knowledge about many things. In this short period of time, it is extremely difficult to acquire knowledge about complex issues such as plant and animal cell muscles. If any student has difficulty doing a 9th week assignment of class 7, then follow our articles and follow the instructions. Also, if someone needs to solve their assignments, visit our website and download it.