41th BCS Circular 2019 Application and Syllabus

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41st BCS debate started without starting the 40th BCS exam. Everyone estimate that the 41st BCS will be special. If so, what will be the specialty of 41st BCS? Why did it debate start without issuing the notification of the 40th BSC? Many have many questions. So let’s talk about 41 BCS.


The 40th BCS exam has just finished. In the meantime, the discussion of the 41st BCS is underway. Everyone hoped that 41 BCS will be for special teachers. But after breaking all expectations, the news came to the end that 41 BCS exams are not going to be special. Because in the 41st BCS, 2,353 cadres will be appointed. The number is determined according to vacant cadres posts. On May 9, the Ministry of Public Administration requested the PSC to publish the recruitment of 41st BCS recruitment notice, indicating the number of vacancies to the PSC.


In the first place, the BPSC has not published any specific notice or information about the 41th BCS. We are trying to discuss or present information about 41 BCS that have been revealed in public and inexpensive. But one more thing to say, we will update here just to know about new information about BCS 41. You are also requesting that if you have any information about it, then let us know (By Comment or Contact Up Page or Facebook Group).

41st BCS Exam

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Is 41th BCS Really Special?

Is BCS 41 special? If this is the question then the answer is no! Because 2,353 people will be appointed for different cadres category.


41st BCS Exam Information

We have learned from some sources or medium that 41st BCS is for some vacant cadres. Hopefully, it is said that about 2,353 vacant posts will be on the circular.

  • General cadre: 600 (More or Less)
  • Technical cadre: 550 (More or Less)
  • General education cadre: 892 (More or Less)
  • Assistant Teacher Trainer-23
  • Administration – 323
  • Assistant Secretary to the Foreign Affairs Cadre- 25
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police – 100 in Police Cadre
  • Education- 892
  • Agriculture- 183
  • Health- 140
  • Taxes- 60
  • Customs- 23
  • More….

By reviewing all the information, PCS will publish 41st BCS Circular, Accurate Seat Number or Vacancy and Anonymity notification at the stipulated time.

However, it is hoped that fulfilling cadre deficiency by appointing through 41th BCS.

41th BCS Circular

41th BCS Circular


41st BCS circular or notice is yet to be published. If any 41th BCS circular 2019 or notice is published then we will update it on our website or on this page.

41st BCS Exam Syllabus

I do not think BCS really has any syllabus. Because a cadre has to know everything. However, the BCS syllabus was fixed by the PSC. Although no notice or syllabus was found out of the 41th BCS. If any notice or syllabus comes out, we will put it here. I think, there is no discrepancy in the syllabus of BCS 41th. However, the syllabus of certain topics may differ depending on the subject. So you can see the syllabus of BCS cadre. Visit this link to see the BCS Syllabus.


Finally, for the educated students of Bangladesh, the 41st BCS will bring more hope for the students. The enthusiasm of becoming a Cadre will once again get a chance to fulfill their dreams and make future.

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