Walton air cooler price in Bangladesh

Introducing the Walton air cooler. This is a sleek and modern air cooler that can keep you cool on those hot days. With a water tank and an ice dispenser, this cooler is easy to use and convenient. Plus, the stainless steel exterior looks great in any kitchen. Walton air cooler is very useful in the summer hot days. Today, in this post, we’re going to publsih walton air cooler price in Bangladesh.

Walton air coolers are some of the most popular on the market today. They offer an affordable way to keep your home or office cool, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit any need. If you’re looking for an air cooler that can handle more than just hot drinks, Walton air coolers offer a variety of options that will fit your needs.

Some of the different features that make Walton air coolers so popular include their durable construction, easy-to-use controls, and optional fan speeds. Whether you’re looking for a small unit to use in your home or an industrial-grade cooler that can handle large crowds, there’s a Walton air cooler perfect for you.

Why Walton air cooler is getting popular market

Walton air cooler is getting popular in the market because of its unique design and features. The cooler has a fan that circulates the air around the food so that it is kept cool. The fan helps to circulate the air quickly, which prevents the food from becoming too hot or spoiling. Additionally, the fan can also be turned off when it is not needed, which saves on energy usage.

The Walton air cooler is quickly gaining popularity in the market because of its unique design and its effectiveness. The air cooler is a small, portable device that uses cold air to cool down items. It is made out of plastic and has a fan on top that helps to circulate the cold air.

The Walton air cooler is easy to use. All you have to do is open the lid and place the item you want to cool inside the cooler. Then, close the lid and turn on the fan. The fan will help to circulate the cold air throughout the cooler and will keep your item cold for a long period of time.

Another benefit of using a Walton air cooler is that it is very affordable. Compared to other cooling devices, such as ice chests or refrigerators, a Walton air cooler is much cheaper and easier to use.

Features and benefits Walton air cooler 

If you are looking for an economical way to cool your home or office, the Walton air cooler is a great option. This unit is made from durable materials and has several features that make it a great choice.

First of all, the Walton air cooler is very affordable. It costs less than many other options on the market, and its price tag means that it can be used in a variety of locations. Additionally, this air cooler has a small footprint so it can be placed almost anywhere.

Another great feature of the Walton air cooler is its ability to keep your space cool no matter the weather conditions. This unit can work in both hot and cold climates, making it perfect for use in any location. Lastly, this air cooler has an adjustable fan speed so you can customize its cooling abilities to meet your specific needs.

Walton air cooler price in Bangladesh – Today August 13, 2022


Walton is a company that has been in the business of manufacturing air coolers for over 50 years. They have a wide range of models and prices to choose from, so you can find the perfect air cooler for your needs. There are several things to consider when buying an air cooler from Walton, including the type of cooling you need and the size of your home. You can also choose between mini and standard models, depending on your needs. Some features to look for when choosing an air cooler from Walton include: capacity, design, and noise levels.

The Walton air cooler price is finally starting to come down in stores. A few months ago, the price was around $100, but now you can find them for as low as $50. The big draw to this cooler is the fact that it uses a fan and compressor to cool the air. This makes it much more efficient than using ice or fans alone.

বাংলাদেশে ওয়ালটন এয়ার কুলারের দাম

Walton একটি কোম্পানি যেটি 50 বছরেরও বেশি সময় ধরে এয়ার কুলার তৈরির ব্যবসা করছে। তাদের পছন্দের মডেল এবং দামের বিস্তৃত পরিসর রয়েছে, যাতে আপনি আপনার প্রয়োজনের জন্য নিখুঁত এয়ার কুলার খুঁজে পেতে পারেন। ওয়ালটন থেকে এয়ার কুলার কেনার সময় বেশ কিছু বিষয় বিবেচনা করতে হবে, যার মধ্যে আপনার প্রয়োজনের কুলিং এর ধরন এবং আপনার বাড়ির আকার। আপনার প্রয়োজনের উপর নির্ভর করে আপনি মিনি এবং স্ট্যান্ডার্ড মডেলগুলির মধ্যেও বেছে নিতে পারেন। ওয়ালটন থেকে এয়ার কুলার বেছে নেওয়ার সময় কিছু বৈশিষ্ট্যের মধ্যে রয়েছে: ক্ষমতা, নকশা এবং শব্দের মাত্রা।

ওয়ালটন এয়ার কুলারের দাম অবশেষে কমতে শুরু করেছে দোকানে। কয়েক মাস আগে, দাম ছিল প্রায় $100, কিন্তু এখন আপনি সেগুলিকে $50-এর মতো কম দামে খুঁজে পেতে পারেন৷ এই কুলারের বড় আকর্ষণ হল এটি বাতাসকে ঠান্ডা করতে একটি ফ্যান এবং কম্প্রেসার ব্যবহার করে। এটি একা বরফ বা ফ্যান ব্যবহার করার চেয়ে এটিকে অনেক বেশি দক্ষ করে তোলে।

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