Valentine’s Day History and Facts

Valentine’s Day History and Facts 14th February is celebrating Valentine’s day worldwide. This Monday will also celebrate Valentine’s day 2023. Let’s know a few things about valentines day.

History of Valentine’s day

If you are looking for the reason why people celebrate 14th February as Valentine’s day then you should know the original story about the day. There’s a saying that Emperor Claudius II ruled Rome in the 3rd Century. When he wanted to get more services from his soldiers then he has outlawed the marriage of young men, and the reason was he has discovered that single young men are the better soldiers among his troop than the soldiers who are married and have their families.

But there were two young soldiers who’ve denied obeying the new rules of outlawed the marriage of young men. But Emperor Claudius II was not happy for disobeying his laws. He gets angry and declared to hang them. Both of them were killed by his soldier and unfortunately, the name of both of them was Valentine and it was executed on the 14th of February.

Since then people are celebrating to show love for their dearest person by the name of valentines. This is why people celebrate 14th February as valentine’s day.

Valentines Week

There are lots of days before celebrating valentines day and it is called valentines week. Yes, it started on the 7th of February and ends on 14th February. Let’s introduce it to you

  • Rose Day on 7th February
  • Propose Day on 8th February
  • Chocolate Day on 9th February
  • Teddy Day on 10th February
  • Promise Day on 11th February
  • Hug Day on 12th February
  • Kiss Day on 13th February
  • Valentine’s Day on 14th February

Is Valentine’s day is bad?

There are a lot of controversies, yes many people are waiting for the day to express their love and many people are saying that it is not good for society as well. So why is that? People are saying that, If you want to express your love to your beloved one then why on this day? Why is it not every day? There should not any barriers to expressing your feelings.

On the other hand, people are waiting for the whole year for that particular day to express their feelings and love. If you celebrate it in one day you can show off your all love. You can present some gifts as well. Few people are also agreeing that it is a day to waste your money, time by spending on it.

Who doesn’t observe the day?

There are many countries that don’t observe the day of Valentine due to religion and social perspective. Like if you look at the Muslim countries among them Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan are not celebrating the day. Even surprisingly Belgorod in Russia also does not celebrate the day, because it goes against their cultures.

Muslim people are not celebrating the day because of their tradition, they don’t support it mainly on this day young people are doing some activities which are not supported by Islam.

Impact on relationships 

Every couple who’s in love or in a relationship they have some expectations on their relationship and commitment. On the day of Valentine’s couples are expecting a few things like spending some quality time with each other, buying some expensive gifts, or going for dinner or something else. But how many couples can make it possible? How many of them can celebrate? There must be some barriers for which they might not celebrate it. And the result is worst. It brings some bad impact on the couple in a relationship.

Not only in a relationship couple, but those who are also married might not celebrate the day due to some other pressure and at the end of the day, it brings some bad impact on the relationship. So for me, if you love someone then you can show your feelings every day, every day should be a day for loving people. You can buy happiness if you love not only one person, you can also celebrate the day with your loving family.

Yes, express your love to your mom and dad or your children. They’re your life and they are your family. Love is kind and love is life. Live your life with a loving family. Remember one thing love can heal your pain. Love can bring happiness.