Unlock Rare Authority Badge & Zombie Skin in Roblox Bear

Want to know How to Obtain the Area 51 Zombie Skin and Unusual Authority Badge in Roblox Bear?

Roblox Bear is a popular survival-horror game on the Roblox platform, with over 258 million visits. Players can choose to play as either an innocent or a killer bear, and must either hunt down or outlast their opponents. Recently, the game has added new skins and badges, including the exclusive Area 51 Zombie Skin and Unusual Authority Badge. In this article, we will guide players on how to obtain these virtual items in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Log into the Server and Stand on the Area 51 Map

To start, log into the Roblox Bear server and stand on the Area 51 map stand. This map is where players can find the Area 51 Zombie Skin and Unusual Authority Badge.

Step 2: Teleport to the Area 51 Map

Once the map vote is complete, players will be teleported to the Area 51 map. They will spawn as the killer bear inside a room next to a small cheese block. Players should get out of the corner and go straight until they reach a room filled with silver-colored blocks.

Step 3: Climb the Crates and Enter the Tunnel

At the end of the silver block room, players will see a stack of big crates. They should start climbing on the crates to enter the tunnel. Then, they should jump above the crates to get out of the underground base.

Step 4: Reach the Upper Floor of the Base

Players only need to take a few steps to reach the end of the dirt tunnel. Once they reach the upper floor of the base, they should turn left and look for a small door. Walking through this door will lead them to the terrain area.

Step 5: Hop on the Ledge Above the Vent

In the terrain area, players should look for a small red-themed vent screen. They should go next to it and hop on the ledge above it. From there, they need to reach the top of the mountain by jumping on multiple ledges in the same direction of the vent.

Step 6: Interact with the Alien and Collect the Skin

After climbing the mountain, players will see an alien NPC. Next to the alien, there is a small blue square which they should click to collect the Area 51 Zombie Skin. After collecting the skin, players can go back to the main lobby and equip it from their in-game inventories. Additionally, they will receive the Unusual Authority Badge in Roblox Bear.


In conclusion, obtaining the Area 51 Zombie Skin and Unusual Authority Badge in Roblox Bear is a simple process that only requires following a few easy steps. Players should log into the server, stand on the Area 51 map, climb the crates and enter the tunnel, reach the upper floor of the base, hop on the ledge above the vent, interact with the alien, and collect the skin. With these virtual items in their inventory, players can enhance their gaming experience and stand out from the crowd.