University Students Vaccine Registration

NU and All University Students Can Registration For Vaccine Without NID By Birth Certificate. UGC has launched a weblink ( to facilitate the registration of university students for the purpose of University Students Vaccine Registration. No national identity card, they can go to the link with a birth registration certificate and pre-register for tick. Read the full post for learn more about University Students Vaccine Registration.

University Students Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

Vaccination activities have been started on a priority basis for university students. The government has taken various steps to bring all students above the age of 18 under the Covid 19 vaccine. But many university students are not able to Registration for tickers as they do not have NID card. Because, NID is mandatory for the registration of the Covid 19 vaccine. Considering all these issues, the government has taken special measures for university students.

University students register for primary vaccination through UGC

One week ago, Education Minister Dipu Moni mentioned the issue of vaccination registration of university students through UGC. A few days later, the UGC, the University Grants Commission. From where university students will be able to register Covid 19 primary. This application can be made through a birth registration card without NID.

Vaccine registration of university with birth registration

If you do not have a National, and if you have a birth registration, you will register in the manner described below. Your information will be sent to Security in a few days. You will be able to re-register for security later. Birth registration number must be 16 digits. You must see when giving information.

Vaccine registration procedure for university students through UGC link

  1. First, enter this link and click on the Register button.

Students Vaccine Registration

2. Enter your name, email and a new strong password twice in the specified fields.

Students Vaccine Registration

3. Then click on Register option.

Students Vaccine Registration

4. When the registration is completed, you will see a page like this.

Students Vaccine Registration 04

5. Are you vaccinated? Select No below the text.

Students Vaccine Registration 05

6. Do you have National ID (NID)? Select No below the text.

Students Vaccine Registration 06

7. Do you have a Birth Certificate? Under the text, select Yes.

Students Vaccine Registration 07

8. Fill in University Name, College Name, Session, Semester, Student Name, Student ID No., Birth Registration No., Email, Mobile Number, and Date of Birth correctly. The houses marked with a red star must be filled.

Students Vaccine Registration 08

9. Then click on the Submit button.

Students Vaccine Registration 09

10. If you can successfully submit such a Success message will show. Your data protection will be sent shortly. See the next notice and apply for protection again. Stay with us to get cooperation.

Students Vaccine Registration 10

National University Students Vaccine Registration

National University students can register from UGC if they want. And they can provide information from the National University website if they want.

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