Singer fridge Price । Singer fridge new model, updated fridge price 2022 

Singer fridge Price । Singer fridge new model, updated fridge price 2022 

At present, the most essential material for the world is the fridge. Man’s daily companion is now the fridge. Do you also want to know about the price of the fridge and the new model of Singer fridge? Do you want to know the current price of Singer fridge? Or want to know the rules for buying a Singer fridge in installments? The solution to all these questions has come up with the updated price of Singer Fridge 2022. So, keep reading this post to know about Singer Fridge Installment Rules or Singer Fridge Price List 2022. 

With the development of the country’s economy, people’s purchasing power is also increasing, so most people are now buying refrigerators through various means. Those who are buying refrigerators need to be aware of some things before buying refrigerators. First of all, you should buy a fridge by determining the size of the fridge according to the needs of the family or you. If you have fewer family members, buy a smaller fridge. And if there are more family members, buy a bigger fridge. 


Whether your family is small, large, medium, you will find the solution to everything with the international brand Singer at an affordable price. Produces Fridge Singer of all types and sizes. So today we will discuss about the updated price of Singer Fridge 2022, the rules for buying a Singer Fridge in installments or the price list of Singer Fridge 2022. Stay tuned till the end to know all the information. 

Singer Fridge Bangladesh Price 2022. Price of Singer Fridge 

There are several types of Singer’s refrigerators available in the market. These are known as Deep Freezer, Direct Cool, No Frost, Side by Side, Semi Commercial. 

People seem to be hesitant about buying a fridge. The first thought is about the price of the fridge. After that everyone thinks about the maintenance of the fridge. Many people think that maintaining a fridge is a hassle and hard work and they cannot maintain it properly after purchase. Another idea is to run the fridge, the electricity bill is much higher. But in reality, things are quite different. Basically, if you have a little idea about the fridge before buying a fridge, you don’t have to worry about these things. So, today’s post is to present all the information to you easily. 


Singer Fridge Price BD 2022 

The price of the fridge depends a lot on the brand. Today we will discuss the price of the refrigerators that Singer has released in the market in 2022. Since you are thinking of buying a fridge, there is no point in informing you about the previous price or the old model. You need to know the current market price and what kind of discount and what kind of benefits are available in that proportion. We will try to discuss these issues throughout our post. 


Today’s Singer Fridge Price List. Singer fridge price 2022 

Singer is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products in the market of Bangladesh at present. Therefore, they have a wide range of products. 

Singer is constantly adding different models to their fridge and adding various new features. If you want to collect these new models and new features then you have to buy the new model refrigerator of Singer. So here we will try to introduce you to the different new models of refrigerators through which you can make the best decision when buying a Singer refrigerator. 

New model of Singer Fridge 2022 

At present almost all refrigerators use modern technology. The main power of the fridge is the compressor. Modern refrigerator compressors have inverter technology. Having an inverter saves electricity in the fridge. As a result, the electricity bill will be much lower. Modern refrigerators also have a smart controlling system. There is IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The level of food in the fridge is controlled with the help of technology. Singer refrigerators have special features. Twin Cooling Plus technology — two cooling fans and two evaporators, do not spread odors, retain 80% humidity. It has smart conversion. Digital inverter technology, which is energy-efficient. 

Singer has captured a large part of the country’s market with high quality refrigerators. They have a wide range of distributor showrooms in Bangladesh. As a result, Singer are getting cash-on-delivery facility from the nearest distributor, showroom as soon as the buyers call from home. So incomparable refrigerator in customer demand and sales. 

Singer Fridge Price in Bangladesh 2022 

The company has several popular refrigerators available in Bangladesh. Here are some models of Singer Fridge: 

Refrigerator 243 Ltr Singer Blue 


243-liter capacity 

Frost refrigerator, top mounted fridge. R600a eco-friendly gas, antibacterial gasket door. 

Color: elegant black, longer fresh technology, 10 years compressor + 2 years’ service warranty. The price of this fridge is 37200 taka.


Refrigerator 238 Ltr Singer Red 


238-liter capacity 

Frost refrigerator 

Mounted on top, R600a eco-friendly gas, antibacterial gasket door, elegant glass door. 

Long lasting adjustable glass sales, 10 years compressor + 2 years parts and service warranty. The price of this fridge is 42600 taka.

Refrigerator 521 Ltr Singer Side by Side 


Total no-frost refrigerant technology, R600a eco-friendly gas. A + energy consumption, maximum ambient temperature. Multiple air flow cooling, anti-bacterial gasket. The price of this fridge is 102600 taka.


Refrigerator Glass 521 Ltr Singer Side by Side 


Black glass door, R600a eco-friendly gas, long handle, A + power consumption, maximum ambient temperature. Multiple air flow cooling, anti-bacterial gasket. The price of this fridge is 105,600 taka.

Chest Freezer 290 Ltr Singer-Red 


290-liter chest freezer, sliding glass door, antibacterial gasket door, energy saving design. Long lasting wired basket, quick freezing ability, red outlook, adjustable thermostat for temperature control, fresh and cool technology. The price of this fridge is 35600 taka.


Refrigerator 138 Ltr Singer Orange 


138-liter capacity, frost refrigerator, mounted on top, R600a eco-friendly gas. Antibacterial gasket door. Available in Red Romance and Festival, Orange colors, fresh and cool technology. The price of this fridge is 21200 taka.



Rules for buying Singer fridge in installments 

If you want to buy Singer Fridge in installments, you must first go directly to Singer Showroom. Then discuss with them that you want to buy refrigerator from them in installments then that salesman will make all your arrangements. However, when buying a fridge, you must make a 40% down payment. This means that you have to deposit 40% of the market value of the fridge first and then pay the remaining 80% in installments. 

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