What is the right age to teach a child a new skill?

Childhood is the finest age to learn anything since a child’s mind is devoid of concern and they are more excited about acquiring new abilities than adults. Being a parent we want our children to have the best start in life. The question here is what is the right time to introduce learning a complicated language or teaching them a sport? As a child, there is a wide variety of learning opportunities and this shapes their experience and develops their brain at a particular age.  

According to Harvard University, the exact time and quality of early experience combine to shape brain architecture. The brain is like a house, your genetics is the blueprint, and a healthy environment supplies building material and experiences to build the house. 

The exact age of the children’s age calculator can be used, which is developed by the age calculator for easy calculating the age right now. Simply put the birthday of the child and you will know how old the child is so that you can teach them accordingly. 

Let’s explore what those skills are and what is the right time for teaching the skills.


Kids start to read in their heads through face-to-face language interactions and listening. It is hearing and speaking that makes a good reader. Therefore in class after the teacher students repeat and in big classes they read chapters themselves. Each student is given a paragraph to read for better reading and understanding of the context. Hearing and speaking vocabulary, sound and grammar language turns good reading ability for most children with the right teaching. 

The fourth year of school acts as a catalyst for further vocabulary development. There is no particularly sensitive period to read adults can learn to read at any age. you can find the age of your child using the age calculator 

Adults should read with children with picture books as storytelling and let them repeat after them a 5-year-old child should be told about things. At the age of seven, he has better knowledge about things and after 11 they should be given reading books easy in vocabulary. 


There is no sensitive period for learning to count in children. Children should be taught numbers with the help of poems. Before the school age first they need to recite the names but they do not know the word representation and quantities. For critical thinking of children, parents have to notice, explore and discuss mathematical ideas like more or less, big, small, tall, and short etc. Let your children count the pencils etc. A calculator online is a tool that tells the exact age so that you can teach your child according to their age. It is also a test age calculator for counting the time since birthdays. 

Children should have experience in comparing quantities for biological development between the ages of three, four or up to seven. 

Learning a second language

Babies at 25 or 30 weeks can understand and hear their mother’s speech gestures and know if she speaks in a different language. From birth to childhood a child should be taught bilingual. 

After six months, newborns’ brains prevent their ears from identifying sounds other than their primary language, and by 12 months, the brain completely shuts out sounds in a second language unless babies hear them regularly.

For monolingual kids, the right age to learn a second language is about seven. 

Brain imaging demonstrates that children under the age of seven use a more diffuse part of the brain to assign meaning to words, allowing them to more readily override the meaning associated with a sound in their first language. Kids who start to learn before seven and after toddlers can easily grasp language. 


It is important to your child the right skills at the right time and childhood till teen is probably the best period to start learning. Slowly and gradually they get more experience and good at particular skills. In adults, the brain can still learn a skill but the result is rarely good and age can be found using an age calculator.