Pubali Bank (Junior Officer) Exam Question Solution 1 March 2019

Pubali Bank Exam Question Solution 01 March 2019, Pubali Bank Recruitment Exam Question Paper Solution To The Exam Was Held On 01-03-2019 Friday. পূবালী ব্যাংক নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নপত্র সমাধান 1 মার্চ ২০১৯,


Exam Name: Junior Officer

Exam Type: MCQ

Organization Name: Pubali Bank Limited

Exam Date: 01 March 2019

Exam Time: 10 AM to 11 AM

Pubali Bank Junior Officer Exam Question Solution

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Pubali Bank Junior Officer: English Question Solution

Choose Antonym

  1. Virtue-Vice
  2. Assent-Dissent
  3. Relentless-Yielding
  4. Evasive-Explicit
  5. Hostility-Friendship

Choose One Word Substitution

  1. Yearly Celebration-Anniversary
  2. A Person interested in reading books-Bookworm
  3. Who studies formation of the earth-Geologist
  4. A tank in which fish are kept-Aquarium
  5. One who sacrifices his life for a cause-Martyr

Choose the correct Synonym

  1. Opulent-Rich
  2. Transform-Change
  3. Recapitulation-Capture
  4. Complacent-Satisfied
  5. Visceral-Bodily

Choose Correctly spelt word

  1. Vacuum
  2. Sanguine
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Orthopedic
  5. Broadcast

Fill in the gap with Proper Word

  1. Agreed with
  2. Whom
  3. Have been
  4. Crept
  5. Down

Pubali Bank Junior Officer: GK Question Solution

  1. Two valiant freedom fighters who have been awarded `Bir Protik’ title-
    Ans: Dr. setara Begum & Taramon Bibi
  2. During the war of Liberation, Barisal was under sector number-
    Ans: 9
  3. Who was the Finance Minister of Mujibnagar Government?
    Ans: Captain M Mansur Ali
  4. General AK Niazi Surrendered at-
    Ans: Suhrawardy udyan
  5. Who was the main singer of the `Concert for Bangladesh’ in 1971?
    Ans: George Harrison
  6. What is the global rank of Bangladesh in terms of population?
    Ans: 8th
  7. Which cricketer has scored fastest century in ODI Cricket?
    Ans: AB De Villiars
  8. Which of the following is the deepest river in the world?
    Ans: Congo
  9. Which of these organisations has been awarded the nobel prize three times?
    Ans: International Committee of Red Cross
  10. A megabyte is actually equal to____ kilobytes.
    Ans: 1024
  11. A Groupware is a___.
    Ans: software
  12. The High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh who has been appointed as the new Indian Ambassador to USA_____.
  13. Ans: Hasha Vardhan Shringla
  14. Which of the following Indian states has a boundary with Myanmar as well as Bangladesh?
    Ans: Mizoram
  15. What is the name of the Central Bank of India?
    Ans: Reserve Bank of India
  16. As per world Bank criteria, Bangladesh has been graduated to the lower middle income status in the year___.
    Ans: 2015
  17. Who was the promoter of Chinese `one belt one road’ initiative?
    Ans: Xi Jinping
  18. The procedure for starting or re-starting a computer is called____.
    Ans: Booting
  19. Antivirus software is a type of___.
    Ans: Utility software
  20. `RAM’ Stands for____.
    Ans: Random Access Memory
  21. Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of___.
    Ans: all of the above
  22. who has been awarded posthumous `Ekushey Padak’ in 2018?
    Ans: Humayun Faridi
  23. which district of Bangladesh was a part of Assam?
    Ans: Sylhet
  24. which river of Bangladesh has its origin in Tibet?
  25. According to Article 48 of Constitution of Bangladesh, what should be the minimum age of the president?
    Ans: 35
  26. The currency of Japan is known as___.
    Ans: Yen

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