Platinum Ring Price in Bangladesh

A platinum ring is a very luxurious and high-end accessory. It is a symbol of wealth and status, and rightfully so. Platinum is one of the most durable metals, meaning it can last a long time without tarnishing or losing its shine. It also has a very high melting point, so it’s not as susceptible to scratches or chips as other metals. In fact, platinum is often used in jewelry because it doesn’t rust or corrode. Good news is, in this post, we’re going to publish platinum ring price in Bangladesh.


So whether you’re looking for something special and unique to wear on your finger or you just want to show your wealth and status, a platinum ring is definitely worth considering!

The Platinum Ring is a symbol of love and commitment. It can signify the depth of feelings between two people and is often seen as the ultimate expression of love. There are many different types of Platinum Rings, each with its own unique design and features. On our last post, we publish photocopy machine price in Bangladesh, if you are searching for a new business idea read the article.


Why Platinum Ring is Most Precious

When you are considering a platinum ring, there are many things to think about. The size, the design, and the material all play a role in your decision.

One of the most important factors when choosing a platinum ring is the material. Platinum is a very soft metal, so it can be easily scratched or damaged. Some people choose to get platinum rings with softer materials like gold or silver so that they can avoid any potential damage.


Another thing to consider when choosing a platinum ring is the size. Most people opt for an 8 or 10 karat ring because it has a high enough quality but still remains affordable. There are also 6 and 4 karat rings available if you’d like something less expensive.

Finally, there is the design of the ring.

Advantage of Using Platinum Ring


Platinum is a precious metal that has many different uses. One of the most popular uses for platinum is in wedding rings. A platinum ring can provide many benefits over a regular gold or silver ring. Here are some of the main advantages of using a platinum ring:

  • Platinum is more durable than other metals, so it will last longer without needing to be replaced.
  • So, Platinum doesn’t tarnish or corrode, so it looks great even after years of wear.
  • Platinum is also resistant to infections, so it’s ideal for people who are prone to getting sick.
  • A Platinum rings are often considered more luxurious than other types of rings, and they can cost a bit more than other rings

However, these costs are generally worth it because platinum rings offer all the same benefits as other types of rings but with greater durability and luxury.

Platinum Ring Price in Bangladesh Today 23 September 2023

When you are shopping for a platinum ring, you want to make sure that you are getting a good deal. The price of a platinum ring can vary depending on the size, weight, and quality of the ring. Here is a list of some common platinum ring prices. Bangladesh is the world’s ninth most populous country and has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world. However, there are a number of luxury brands that have set up shop in Bangladesh, including Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Armani.

Platinum Ring Price in Bangladesh Today 23 September 2023
Varriation Price
PLATINUM RING ৳ 1,37,842

One of the reasons that these brands have chosen to set up shop in Bangladesh is because of the low platinum ring price in the country. For example, a platinum ring with a total weight of 10 grams can be purchased for just 32,000 in Taka. This makes it one of the cheapest places in the world to purchase a platinum ring. In comparison, rings made from other precious metals such as gold and silver can cost upwards of 60,000 or more.

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আপনি যখন একটি প্ল্যাটিনাম রিং কেনাকাটা করছেন, আপনি নিশ্চিত করতে চান যে আপনি একটি ভাল চুক্তি পাচ্ছেন। প্ল্যাটিনাম রিংয়ের দাম আংটির আকার, ওজন এবং মানের উপর নির্ভর করে পরিবর্তিত হতে পারে। এখানে কিছু সাধারণ প্ল্যাটিনাম রিং দামের একটি তালিকা রয়েছে৷ বাংলাদেশ বিশ্বের নবম জনবহুল দেশ এবং বিশ্বের সর্বনিম্ন মাথাপিছু আয় রয়েছে। যাইহোক, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, এবং Armani সহ বেশ কিছু বিলাসবহুল ব্র্যান্ড রয়েছে যারা বাংলাদেশে দোকান স্থাপন করেছে।


এই ব্র্যান্ডগুলি বাংলাদেশে দোকান স্থাপনের জন্য বেছে নেওয়ার একটি কারণ হল দেশে প্ল্যাটিনাম রিংয়ের দাম কম। উদাহরণস্বরূপ, 10 গ্রাম ওজনের একটি প্লাটিনাম রিং মাত্র 32,000 টাকায় কেনা যাবে। এটি একটি প্ল্যাটিনাম রিং কেনার জন্য এটিকে বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে সস্তা জায়গাগুলির মধ্যে একটি করে তোলে৷ তুলনামূলকভাবে, সোনা এবং রূপার মতো অন্যান্য মূল্যবান ধাতু থেকে তৈরি আংটির দাম 60,000 বা তার বেশি হতে পারে।