Oil Price In Bangladesh

Oil is a type of liquid. It does not mix with water. Oil is rich in carbon and hydrogen. We are looking at different types of oils in the market. All types of oils are derived from organic matter. All the foods we eat every day contain oil. No curry can be cooked without oil. There is no substitute for oil in fish, meat, fried foods.


The name oil comes from the word oil. The English word oil comes from the Old French word Oile in 1176.


We are looking at different types of oils in the market. These are- mineral oil, organic oil, synthetic oil etc.

Mineral oil:

Mineral oil is usually found underground. Mineral oil contains a variety of organic matter. It is made up of dead plankton frozen in the ocean floor in ancient times. These substances are converted into mineral oil by various chemical processes while being deposited under the soil. Various scientists have said that this oil was created before the creation of the human race.

Organic oil:

Organic oils are produced in biological processes from plants, animals and organisms. There are many types of these oils. Oil is a vague word. Oils, fats, waxes, and oils derived from living liquids are called lipids in the language of science.

Synthetic oil:

It is a type of lubricant that is synthetically made from a chemical that is not petroleum. This oil is used instead of lubricant refined from petroleum. The mechanical and chemical properties of mineral oil can be noticed in it.


Oil we can use in different bobs. To care for the hair of the head, as fuel, in the power generation sector and as edible oil. Most of the food we eat in our daily life has to use edible oil. Edible oils we notice in almost every food product. It is cooked with edible oil. There is no substitute for edible oil for cooking a variety of curries.

The price of all the brands of oil available in the market


In the market we see different types of oil. Edible oils, body oils and other types of oils. The price of all these oils is-


We see different brands of oil in the market. Among them is Hulu Radhuni, a brand of pure and edible oil. Currently this brand has gained a lot of popularity. The price of this brand of oil is-

Radhuni Mustard Oil – 1L

290 BDT 


We know this brand as a brand of high quality oil in the current market. Edible and much improved mind oil we get from this brand. The brand has been serving us for a long time. The price of this brand of oil-

Sunflower Oil 2.8097 Ltr

870 BDT

There are also many other brands of oils available in the market. These are-

Kishwan Mustard Oil – 500 ML

145 BDT 

italia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l

575 BDT 

Oillina Skin care 100 ml

370 BDT 

Pran Mustard Oil 250ml

80 BDT  

Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1 ltr

489 BDT 

Rochon Mustard Oil-5 ltr

1250 BDT 


The oil we use every day for a variety of purposes. Every day we use different types of oil for different purposes. So we should know the details about oil.   

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