MI Phone Theme Fingerprint Lock Android MIUI

MIUI (Xiaomi’s Android-based operating system) didn’t have a built-in feature to specifically set fingerprint authentication to lock your phone’s theme. However, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, and this will apply to the lock screen, including themes. You can set any theme you want. You will see that theme when you touch the fingerprint to unlock the phone. Everyone who use xiawmi phone want to give some stylish fingerprint animation theme.

How to change theme on Xiaomi (Mi) phone 

In Xiaomi (Mi) phones you can change the theme as you wish. But many people don’t know how to change theme. Xiaomi (Mi) phones have their own theme store for changing themes. You can use the theme of your choice from the Xiaomi Theme Store. Below is a detailed discussion about changing the theme of Xiaomi (Mi) phones. 

Access the Theme Store

Open the “Themes” app on your Xiaomi phone. You can usually find this app on your home screen or in the app drawer. Browse and select a theme. Once you’re in the Themes app, you can browse the available themes. Xiaomi offers a variety of free and paid themes. You can use the search bar or browse through the categories to find the theme you like. 


Before applying a theme, you can usually preview it to see how it will change the look of your phone. It lets you decide if you like the theme’s icons, wallpapers, and other elements.

Download and apply

If you find a theme you like, tap it and then tap the “Download” or “Apply” button. If it is a paid theme, you must purchase it before applying it.


Some themes allow further customization. You can often change elements like wallpaper, lock screen style, and more within the theme settings. 


Once the theme is downloaded and customized (if desired), tap the “Apply” button. Your phone will apply the selected theme, and you’ll see the changes take effect immediately.

Enjoy your new theme

Your phone’s appearance now matches your chosen theme. If you want to change it again, you can return to the Themes app and choose a different theme. 

How to set fingerprint on Xiaomi (Mi)

Nowadays almost all smartphones offer fingerprint lock for security. And we have been seeing this fingerprint unlock system in Xiaomi (Mi) phones for a long time. But many people don’t know how to set fingerprint leak on Xiaomi (Mi) phone with fingerprint. Follow the instructions below to fingerprint your Xiaomi (Mi) phone: 

  1. First enter your device settings.
  2. Then click on Passwords & Security option.
  3. Then click on Fingerprint option.
  4. Then give your fingerprint.

Fingerprint ID or Fingerprint Scanner

Under the Security & Privacy section, you will find an option like “Fingerprint ID” or “Fingerprint Scanner”. Tap on this option.

Add fingerprint

If you haven’t already added your fingerprint, you’ll be prompted to do so. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your fingerprint(s). Typically, you will be asked to place your finger on the fingerprint sensor multiple times from different angles to get an accurate reading. 

Set fingerprint lock

After registering your fingerprint(s), you will see an option to set up a fingerprint lock. Enable this option. You may be asked to enter your PIN, pattern or password for security purposes.

Choose the fingerprint unlock options 

Depending on your MIUI version, you may have additional options such as fingerprint app lock, fingerprint payment or fingerprint access to locked apps. Configure these settings as per your preference. 

Complete setup

Once you set up Fingerprint Lock, you can use your registered fingerprint to unlock your device, authorize app installation, and more. Please note that the names of the menu items and the exact steps may vary based on your device model and the MIUI version you are using. If you can’t find the exact options I mentioned, please explore the Security & Privacy or Lock Screen settings in your device’s Settings app. 


Nowadays smart phones are seen in the hands of people of all ages. And a user has a lot of data in this smart phone. Many people have information in their personas. So keeping in mind the security, the phone has a fingerprint unlock system. We also see this fingerprint lock system in Xiaomi (Mi) phones. However, Xiaomi (Mi) phones have their own theme store and users can use any theme they want. This article discusses in detail about fingerprint lock animations and themes on Xiaomi (Mi) phones.