Mahindra Thar Price in Bangladesh

Mahindra Thar SUV is a new SUV from the Indian automaker Mahindra. It was unveiled in March 2019 and is available in two versions, both of which are powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine. The base version of the Thar comes with a price tag of Rs. 66 Lakhs (approximately $10,000), while the top-of-the-line variant costs Rs. 84 Lakhs (approximately $13,000). So, in this post, we’re going to publish Mahindra Thar Price in Bangladesh today price.

The Mahindra Thar SUV is designed to offer both performance and comfort at an affordable price point. The vehicle features an all-wheel drive system and a five-speed automatic transmission for enhanced handling dynamics. Air conditioning is standard on all models, and the interior features high quality materials and trim options that make it luxurious without being over the top.

Why Mahindra Thar Becomes Popular in Car Industry

Mahindra Thar SUV, the car made by Mahindra Group, is becoming popular in the car industry. The company has been manufacturing and selling the car since 2016. The reasons why Mahindra Thar SUV is gaining popularity are its unique design, features, and affordability.

The design of Mahindra Thar SUV is different from other cars on the market. It has a sleek and aerodynamic look that makes it attractive to drivers and passengers. Furthermore, the car features many features that set it apart from others on the market.

For example, it comes equipped with a panoramic sunroof that opens up completely to allow for maximum sunlight exposure inside the car. Additionally, it has an electronic suspension system that allows drivers to adjust their ride height accordingly. This makes the car easier to drive and more comfortable for passengers.

Advantage of Buying Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar SUV is known for its excellent performance, quality and durability. The car has a great advantage over other SUVs in the market because of its fuel efficiency. Mahindra Thar SUV also offers a luxury feel at an affordable price.

Mahindra Thar, the new SUV from Mahindra, is a perfect choice for those who want an all-terrain vehicle that can handle both off-road and on-road conditions. The Thar has a rugged body and is able to take on even the most challenging terrain. It also offers a high level of comfort and convenience, thanks to its spacious interior and plenty of amenities.

The Mahindra Thar is available in three different models: the base model, the mid-range model, and the top of the range model. All of them have excellent features that make them great choices for drivers both large and small. The base model starts at just under $30,000, while the mid-range model costs around $39,000, and the top of the range model comes in at just over $50,000.

Mahindra Thar Price in Bangladesh – Today 18 June 2024

The Mahindra Thar SUV is a popular car in Bangladesh. So, The Mahindra Thar SUV is available with different engine options, including a gasoline and diesel engine. The Mahindra Thar SUV has an MSRP of 36,990 taka.

Mahindra Thar Price in Bangladesh – Today 18 June 2024
Model Price
Mahindra Thar Price in Bangladesh ৳ 1,375,000

As, the Mahindra Thar SUV is now available in the market at a reasonable price. The Mahindra Thar SUV is available in both diesel and gasoline variants and comes with features that make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable and spacious vehicle. But, the Mahindra Thar SUV comes with an automatic transmission, air conditioning, alloy wheels, cruise control and more.

Mahindra Thar prices in Bangladesh start at Tk. 9,000 for the entry-level model and go all the way up to Tk. 1,50,000 for the top of the line Mahindra Thar Ralliart.  The SUV is available in four colors – silver, white, blue and red.  The Mahindra Thar offers a comfortable drive with its spacious interior and good handling. It’s also easy to park since it has a large footprint.

বাংলাদেশে মাহিন্দ্রা থারের দাম – Today

মাহিন্দ্রা থার এসইউভি বাংলাদেশের একটি জনপ্রিয় গাড়ি। Mahindra Thar SUV একটি পেট্রল এবং ডিজেল ইঞ্জিন সহ বিভিন্ন ইঞ্জিন বিকল্পের সাথে উপলব্ধ। Mahindra Thar SUV-এর MSRP 36,990 টাকা।

মাহিন্দ্রা থার এসইউভি এখন বাজারে যুক্তিসঙ্গত দামে পাওয়া যাচ্ছে। Mahindra Thar SUV ডিজেল এবং পেট্রল উভয় ভেরিয়েন্টেই পাওয়া যায় এবং এটি এমন বৈশিষ্ট্যগুলির সাথে আসে যা এটিকে যারা একটি নির্ভরযোগ্য এবং প্রশস্ত গাড়ি খুঁজছেন তাদের জন্য এটি একটি নিখুঁত পছন্দ করে তোলে৷ Mahindra Thar SUV একটি স্বয়ংক্রিয় ট্রান্সমিশন, এয়ার কন্ডিশনার, অ্যালয় হুইল, ক্রুজ কন্ট্রোল এবং আরও অনেক কিছু সহ আসে৷

বাংলাদেশে মাহিন্দ্রা থারের দাম শুরু হয় টাকা থেকে। এন্ট্রি-লেভেল মডেলের জন্য 9,000 এবং সর্বোপরি টাকা পর্যন্ত। 1,50,000 মাহিন্দ্রা থার র্যালিয়ার্ট লাইনের শীর্ষের জন্য। এসইউভি চারটি রঙে পাওয়া যায় – রূপালী, সাদা, নীল এবং লাল। মাহিন্দ্রা থার এর প্রশস্ত অভ্যন্তর এবং ভাল হ্যান্ডলিং সহ একটি আরামদায়ক ড্রাইভ অফার করে। এটি পার্ক করাও সহজ কারণ এটির একটি বড় পদচিহ্ন রয়েছে৷