KTM Duke 125 Price In Bangladesh & Specification

KTM Duke 125 is a stylish bike from the KTM Brand. There are many KTM bike lovers in Bangladesh. So KTM lovers eagerly want to know all about KTM Duke 125 with its price in the Bangladesh market. In this case, we discuss KTM Duke 125 specifications with all features. In addition The KTM Duke 125 Price in today’s 2 June 2023 Bangladeshi market. So If you decided to buy this KTM Duke 125cc bike, you need to know its pros and cons. However, before buying, know the full specification and price for KTM Duke 125. Here you can know about KTM Duke 125 cc bike’s Engine, Body Dimension, Style and looks, Power, Tork, Mileage, Top Speed, Etc.


KTM is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world which is the origin of Austria. The bikes of KTM are veritably popular throughout the world and its demand is heavy. But, the price range of the products is too high which can’t be affordable formed-income people. Still, KTM used to export their products in numerous countries but still, no products of KTM are available in Bangladesh though the neighboring country India has the KTM productsStillaccording to the rearmost news, the products of KTM would come to the country real soonMoment, we talk about KTM Duke 125 which would reveal in Bangladesh within a short period.


KTM Duke 125

The KTM Duke 125 is a revised interpretation of KTM 390 Duke but consists of a 125 cc machine. The bike has a fully aggressive design which is nearly the same as Duke 390. The headlamp of the bike is more aggressive with the stylish quality and streamlined instrument console. However, it’s a naked edition sports bike which is important analogous to Yamaha M-Slaz, If we consider the modelStill, the naked edition sports bikes aren’t so popular in Bangladesh, and in the case of KTM Duke 125, the quality would be great.


But the anticipated price of the bike is too heavy and within the budget, the youthful generation would find the rearmost interpretation of faired edition bikes. But, it doesn’t mean that Duke 125 would not get the request but obviously, it needs time to dominate the request place of Bangladesh. Now, before revealing the beast in the country, we let you know the detailed specification of KTM Duke 125 below.


KTM Duke 125 Key Specifications

  • Engine 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine, water-cooled
  • Top Speed 130 kmph
  • Maximum Power 15 Bhp @ 9500 rpm
  • Weight 137 kg
  • Mileage 40 kmpl
  • Cooling Liquid cooling


Features of KTM Duke 125

The KTM Duke 125 is the less good– looking of the two performances of the bike. The bike comes with a veritably simple and rounded headlight setup, unlike the aggressive European interpretation.
The headlight is completely Halogen. The light is kindly enough to travel around at night. All the other lights are LED. The pointers are minimalistic and thin.

The KTM Duke 125 has a introductory LED screen with an orange backlight ( continuing the Orange theme of KTM). The instrument cluster shows everything necessary. The introductory contents are RPM, speedenergyenergy consumption, time, and gear position indexStill, the mode button.


The symbols of the bike are veritably aggressive and good– looking. The bike is a complete head– acrobat.
This bikes comes with an underbelly exhaust setup, unlike the European interpretation, which comes with a regular exhaust. This is a bit of a problem as water might creep its way into the exhaust if it cataracts during the stormy season.

Design & looks of KTM Duke 125

KTM Duke 125 has come with the style of naked sports which has fully sharp and gorgeous aesthetics. The front and edge of the bike are so sharp which gives the extraordinary looks to the bike. The energy tank is supposedly amazing which has a completely muscular shaped body and sports seating position. There’s a well– designed machine guard which the most aggressive headlamp. 


Either, the bar of the bike is well measured and compatible with the bike. Still, the bike is from a most dependable company which is just the replica of 390 Duke but some features are changed. It would be the only 125 cc bike which has held TFT displayEither, the headlight is completely LED which is analogous to Super Duke 1290 R and parking light is also LED.\

Physical Attributes

The KTM Duke 125 is a fairly altitudinous bike, with a seat height of 830 mm. The bike is substantially suited for riders further than 5’7”. The bike also has a shorter hinder section, with an small hinder seat, unlike the stretched-out seat of the European interpretation. The bike has an 11-liter tank which is lower than the13.4-liter tank of the European interpretation, which will affect the range of the bike.

The lengthrangeheight, and weight of the KTM Duke 125 are 1993 mm, 789 mm, 1083 mm, and141.4 kg. The bike is presumably one of the heaviest 125cc bikes ever. The bike also has a veritably average wheelbase of 1366 mm, which is enough for a bike of this power to hit the corners with maximum stability.


Machine and Transmission of KTM Duke 125

The Duke 125 comes with a 4-stroke, 4 faucetssingle-cylinder, and 125cc machine. The machine is liquid– cooled and energy– fitted, which are huge plus points for the bike. The machine pumps out a stunning 15BHP of power at 9250rpm and 12Nm necklace at 8000rpm. While the power is extremely high, the necklace figure does get a blow due to the machine size. The bike is anticipated to have a avail of around 40-45kmpl on average.

The machine also comes with a Bosch EMS (Engine operation system).
The KTM Duke 125 (Indian) has a introductory wet multi-plate clutch systemStill, the bike doesn’t get a slipper clutch like the Yamaha R15. The KTM Duke 125 (Indian) has a 6- speed gearbox, and the bike has an approximate top speed of about 110-115kmph.


Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheel of Duke 125

The KTM Duke 125 (Indian) has Bosch-powered single-channel ABS, which means the front gets the ABS and the reverse does not. The bike also has four-piston radial fixed caliper thickets set up at the front.
This means exigency retardation will be brisk and will be more effective. The thickets make the bike safer and further dependable. The hinder not getting an ABS makes the bike descent in aggressive retardation situations.

The KTM Duke 125 has upside-down WP Apex-43 telescopic spoons as frontal suspense. The reverse has a preload-malleable WP mono-shock suspense. This means that the bike will be largely stable during lifts, cornering, and you can also acclimate the hinder suspense to your relish and situation. Although the hinder seat has been said to be fairly stiff, the hinder suspense can cover up for that.


The KTM Duke 125 gets an amalgamation bus. The front and hinder bus have110/80 and150/70 tires independently. The stock MRF Revz Radial hinder tire ( also the front) of this bike is considered to be one of the fattest tires available in Bangladesh. The tire setup makes this bike one of the stylish bikes to hit the corners of Bandarban with a maximum spare.

Mileage Instrument Panel of KTM Duke 125

Still, KTM Duke 125 is yet to reveal in Bangladesh and so, there’s no stoner review of this bike was releasedSo, the avail of the bike can’t be told specifically. But, this is still available in India and according to some websites, the claimed avail of the bike is 45 km on the trace and not lower than 35 km on megacity road where riders would face heavy business. But, considering average avail, it would be nearly 40 km.


The avail is handsome reportedly and for a top-rated sports bike, it would be great. Complete rearmost features are included in the bike which makes it more seductive. The instrument panel is also made with advanced technology which consists of all digital features. They’re speedometer, tachometer, trip cadenceenergy handtimepiecegear display, odometer, and others.

KTM Duke 125 Price In Bangladesh

Though the product of KTM has yet to reveal in Bangladesh, we’ve still entered no news about the colors of the bike. But, considering the options, White and Orange colors of the bike are available in India which would be available in our country as well. And the bike price is 325,000 BDT.