Jahangirnagar University Admission 2020-21

Jahangirnagar University Admission: This year Jahangirnagar University (JU) admission is going on. Jahangirnagar University has issued admission notice for this purpose on their website. As per that notice we are trying to discuss all important and necessary information.

In this content we are trying to include all essential points about Jahangirnagar University Admission test 2020-21. So interested candidates can read full content carefully to know the circular and all focus point about JU admission.

Jahangirnagar University Admission 2020-21

Jahangirnagar University has begun the admission process for their four-year honors (্undergraduate) course. That’s why the authority has published JU admission circular also. Interested candidates have been asked to read the notice and apply if they are eligible. So we are sharing the circular with all issues including points.

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JU Admission Related Dates & Times

The university has informed about JU admission’s all the date and time. As that information, application related dates and times below.

Deadline for on-line application07 September 2019
Deadline to pay the application fee07 September 2019
Deadline for collecting admit card18 September 2019

Exam Schedule

This is the possible date of the test. Full schedule with sit plan will be communicated later through newspapers and websites. As well as Dhaka University Admission exam dates is nearby.

Possible date of admission testBetween 22-09-2019 to 03-10-2019.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Required Qualifications

Admission test will require the required qualifications. The prescribed formula is applicable for each unit and subject of the University.

However, the general qualifications for admission in each of the sections are:

  • Candidates SSC passing year have to 2017 or 2018 and HSC passing year 2019 or 2020.
  • Candidates with the required qualifications can apply in any unit.

JU also required specific conditions for specific units & subjects. In this case, we discuss unit wise subjects required conditions and qualifications as JU Admission test 2020-21 circular.

A Unit: Math & Physics Faculty

  • SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.50.

Further, subject wise must have some required subject minimum GPA. That is-

SubjectsRequired GPASpecific Grade
MathGPA 7.50Must have A- Grade in Math
StatisticsGPA 7.50B Grade in Statistics / Math
ChemistryGPA 8.0Need in Chemistry A and in Math B
PhysicsGPA 8.0Physics and Math must have A Grade
AnthropologyGPA 8.0Physics, Chemistry and Math must have A Grade
Computer Science & EngineeringGPA 8.50A Grade in Physics and Math
Environment ScienceGPA 8.50A- Grade in Physic, Chemistry, Math and Biology

B Unit: Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Likely A unit, SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.50.

Further requirement is-

  • Science students: GPA 8.0
  • Arts, Commerce & Others: GPA 7.50
A- Grade in Bangla & English
Geography & Environments
  • Science / Agriculture students: GPA 7.5
  • Arts, Commerce & Others: GPA 7.0
B in Bangla or English
Governments & Politics
  • Science / Agriculture students: GPA 8.0
  • Arts, Commerce & Others: GPA 7.0
A- in Bangla and B in English
  • Science / Agriculture students: GPA 8.0
  • Arts, Commerce & Others: GPA 7.50
A- in Bangla and English
Rural & Urban Planning
  • Science / Agriculture students: GPA 8.0
  • Arts, Commerce & Others: GPA 7.50
A- in Math and English
Public Administration
  • Science / Agriculture students: GPA 8.0
  • Arts, Commerce & Others: GPA 7.50
A- in English

C Unit: Arts Faculty

  • SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.0.

Further, Subject wise requirement is-

  • Humanities: 7.0
  • Others: 7.50
A- in Bangla
  • Humanities: 7.25
  • Others: 7.75
A- in English
  • Humanities: 7.0
  • Others: 7.50
  • Humanities: 6.0
  • Others: 7.0
B Grade in Bangla and English
  • Humanities: 6.50
  • Others: 7.0
International Relation
  • Science: 8.0
  • Others: 7.50
A- in English
Journalism and Media Studies

C1 Unit: Arts Faculty- Drama and Fine Arts

Drama and Theatricality

Humanities: 6.0

Others: 6.50

B Grade in Bangla and any one subject.
Fine ArtsGPA 6.0B Grade in Bangla

D Unit: Faculty of Biological Sciences

  • Likely A & B unit, SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.50.

Further, Subject wise requirement is-

BotanyGPA 8.0A- in Biology/Agriculture Science
ZoologyGPA 8.0A- in Biology
PharmacieGPA 8.5A- in Camestry, Biology and Math
Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyGPA 8.0A- in Camestry and Biology
MicrobiologyGPA 8.5A- in Camestry, Biology and English
Biotechnology and Genetic EngineeringGPA 8.5A- in Camestry, Physics, Biology and Math
Public Health and InformationGPA 8.0A- in Camestry and Biology, B in Math

E Unit: Faculty of Business Studies

Jahangir Nagar University’s E unit has Finance and Banking, Marketing, Accounting & Information System and Management Studies. All subjects recuired qualification or condition is same.

  • Likely A, B, D unit, SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.50.
  • Science students must have GPA 7.50 and Others students must have GPA 7.0.
  • B Grade must have in English and Math/Economics/Accounting/Business Organization and Management

F Unit: Faculty of Law

  • Likely A, B, D, E unit, SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.50.
  • Science, Arts, Commerce and other group students must have total GPA 8.0.
  • B Grade in Bangla and English.

G Unit: Institute of Business Administration

G unit is IBA faculty which is know to BBA Program.

  • To apply this unit, SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 4.0.
  • The eligibility of Science students is GPA 8.50 and Other students is 8.0.
  • For Science students Need A- in English and Higher Math/Statistic. Other group students need A- in English and Accounting/Economics/Math/Business Organization & Management/Finance, Banking & Insurance

H Unit: Institution of Information Technology

To apply Information Technology (IT) Science students need some qualification and conditions.

  • Students must have SSC and HSC both exam minimum GPA 3.50.
  • The eligibility of Science students is GPA 8.50 and Other students is 8.0.
  • A grade in Physics and Math.

I Unit: Bangabandhu Comparative Literature and Culture Institute

To apply Bangabandhu Comparative Literature and Culture Institute, the required qualification & conditions is-

  • SSC and HSC both exam must have minimum GPA 3.0.
  • Humanities students need 7.0 GPA. Other students need 7.50 GPA.
  • Must have B Grade in Bangla & English.

Apply For JU Admission Online

Jahangirnagar University admission system is online based. So students have to apply online via JU’s official website. The procedure is very simple. Students needs just complete 2 major steps. One is confirming information with photo upload, another is complete application fee. The application process can be completed in a very short time. Follow our instruction and try to fill up your application very carefully.

How to apply Jahangirnagar University Admission Application?

  • In order to do application, visit Online Application page.
  • Then select one unit which unit you want to apply. Input your SSC and HSC information with mobile number.
  • Then go to the next step and confirm your information. If all information will correct with your selected unit then go ahead to another step.
  • After that you will get a Bill Number on your phone. You have to complete payment the application fee with the Bill Number.
  • Finally your application will be completed. Keep the Bill Number & Transition Number for future. It will required to complete payment and download admit card.

How to Payment Application Fees

In order to pay application fees, candidates can use two payment getaway those are Bkash and Rocket. Many payments can be done with one phone number / Rocket or bKash account.

DBBL RocketbKash
  • Dial *322# on your mobile phone from DBBL registered number.
  • Select Bill Pay Option
  • Select Self for personal/own application or select Others for customer/others application
  • Type Biller Id as 343
  • Input Bill Number
  • Enter Amount
  • Type PIN Number
  • Collect Trx Id for future
  • After submit application in online, select bKash payment option.
  • Then bKash online payment gateway link will open.
  • Type your bKash registered phone number.
  • bKash will send a six digit verification code to your phone.
  • Confirm the verification code and complete payment process.

Admit Card of JU Admission

Admit card will be download till 18 September 2019. In order to get admit card candidates have to visit Jahangirnagar University admission’s official website. Get Admit Card Here.

  • For download Admit Card, first open admit card page.
  • Then login with your Bill Number and payment transition ID.
  • Next, upload your photo & signature with valid image size. photo size is 300 x 300 px and signature size 300 x 80 px.
  • After that you can get admit card download option.
  • Finally Download your Admit Card.

JU Admission Exam Sit Plan

Jahangirnagar University Admission exam sit plan information will be sent to candidates phone number. You can get sit plan from official website

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test System

  • JU Admission test will be held based on the MCQ exam.
  • 0.20 Marks will be cut for every wrong answer.
  • Total Exam marks are 80. Only G Unit exam has 75 marks.
  • C1 Unit candidates have to participate in 20 Marks Practical Exam.
  • Pass Marks is 33%
  • Results will be published within up to 3 days of finished exam.

Marks System of JU Admission

We point out the marks of topic wise questions as the circular.

  • A Unit: Math 22, Physic 22, Chemistry 22, Bangla 3, English 3 and IQ 8 Marks.
  • B Unit: Bangla 10, English 15, Math 15, General Knowledge 25 and IQ 15 Marks.
  • C Unit: Bangla 15, English 15 and Others 15 Marks.
  • C1 Unit: Bangla 10, English 10 and Subjective Knowledge 60 Marks.
  • D Unit: Bangla + English 8, Chemistry 24, Botany 22, Zoology 22 and IQ 4 Marks.
  • E Unit: Bangla 15, English 30 Math 15, Accounting and Management 20 Marks.
  • F Unit: Bangla 25, English 25, GK and IQ 30 Marks.
  • G Unit Bangla 5, English 30, Math and IQ 30, Viva 5 and Analytical 10 Marks.
  • H Unit: Bangla 5, English 15, Math 40 and Physics 20 Marks.
  • I Unit: Bangla 15, English 15, Literature 10, GK 10, Culture 5, Geology 5, Bangabandhu and Bangladesh 10 and History 5 Marks.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2019-20

Download JU Admission Circular 2019-20

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