iPhone XS max price in Bangladesh

বাংলাদেশে iPhone XS এর সর্বোচ্চ দাম

iPhone XS max is the latest iPhone model and it comes with some amazing features. First of all, it has a face scanner which lets you unlock your phone simply by looking at it. It also has a new A13 Bionic chip which is incredibly fast. iphone xs max is one of the most popular mobile brand in Bangladesh. In this post, we’re going to publish iPhone XS max price in Bangladesh.

The battery life is also exceptional and you can use it for hours on end without having to charge it. Another great feature of the iPhone XS max is its camera. It comes with a powerful lens which allows you to take great photos and videos.

Apple announced their latest iPhone XS Max. This phone is the biggest and most powerful yet from Apple. It has got a 6.5-inch display and comes with a price tag of $1,099. The key features of this phone include.

Why iPhone XS max is the most popular phone

The iPhone XS Max has a massive 6.5-inch display which makes it one of the biggest smartphones available on the market today. This large display means that you can watch videos and movies with better quality, and also helps you to work on larger documents with ease.

The Super Retina Display also offers great clarity even in bright sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor use. The iPhone XS Max also comes with Face ID technology so that you can unlock your phone simply by looking at it – this is much more secure than traditional password authentication methods.

The iPhone XS Max is Apple’s latest and greatest phone. It has a lot of the features that people love about the iPhone X, but with even more power. The phone has a 6.5 inch display, which is the biggest on an iPhone yet. It also has a new dual-lens camera system that can take really amazing photos and videos. The battery life is also really good, so you can use the phone all day long without having to worry about it running out of juice.

Benefits and features of using iphone xs max

The iPhone XS Max is the latest and greatest iPhone model released by Apple. It has some great benefits and features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for an iPhone. Here are some of the key benefits and features of the iPhone XS Max.

First and foremost, the iPhone XS Max is one of the largest iPhones that Apple has released. This means that it has a lot of space to store your apps, photos, music, and other files. Plus, with its large screen size, you will be able to see more content onscreen at once without having to scroll around or zoom in.

Another great benefit of the iPhone XS Max is its camera. The camera on this phone is top-of-the-line and can take some really amazing photos.

iPhone XS max price in Bangladesh – Today August 13, 2022

The iPhone XS Max is the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever made. It is available in 6 colors including silver, gold, rose gold, black, and space gray. The price starts at $1,099 for the 64GB model and goes up to $1,349 for the 256GB model.

Apple iPhone XS Max৳97,990

iPhone XS Max is the most expensive iPhone model ever. It has a starting price of $999 and goes up to $11,399 for the most expensive version.

The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch OLED display with an A13 Bionic chip, 12GB of storage, and a 512GB option. The camera is also improved with a new dual rear lens system and upgraded sensors.

Some other features include Face ID, wireless charging, and an edge-to-edge screen.

বাংলাদেশে iPhone XS এর সর্বোচ্চ দাম – Today August 13, 2022

iPhone XS Max অ্যাপলের তৈরি সবচেয়ে দামি আইফোন। এটি সিলভার, গোল্ড, রোজ গোল্ড, কালো এবং স্পেস গ্রে সহ 6টি রঙে পাওয়া যায়। 64GB মডেলের দাম $1,099 থেকে শুরু হয় এবং 256GB মডেলের জন্য $1,349 পর্যন্ত যায়৷

XS Max এখন পর্যন্ত সবচেয়ে দামি iPhone মডেল। এটির প্রারম্ভিক মূল্য $999 এবং সবচেয়ে ব্যয়বহুল সংস্করণের জন্য $11,399 পর্যন্ত যায়৷

iPhone XS Max-এ একটি 6.5-ইঞ্চি OLED ডিসপ্লে রয়েছে যার একটি A13 বায়োনিক চিপ, 12GB স্টোরেজ এবং একটি 512GB বিকল্প রয়েছে। ক্যামেরাটি একটি নতুন ডুয়াল রিয়ার লেন্স সিস্টেম এবং আপগ্রেড সেন্সর সহ উন্নত করা হয়েছে।

অন্যান্য কিছু বৈশিষ্ট্যের মধ্যে রয়েছে ফেস আইডি, ওয়্যারলেস চার্জিং এবং এজ-টু-এজ স্ক্রিন।

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