iPhone xr price in Bangladesh

The iPhone XR is Apple’s most affordable phone and it doesn’t skimp on features. Here are the key things to know about the iPhone XR. iphone is the most wanted mobile phone in Bangladesh. In this post, we’re going to publish the iphone xr price in Bangladesh.


The iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2436x1312px. This means that text and images look sharper on the screen compared to other iPhone models with smaller displays. Another key feature of the iPhone XR is its camera which has been improved over previous models. The front-facing camera has a wide-angle lens which allows for more in-depth selfies, while the rear camera features an improved sensor and enhanced AI capabilities for better low light photography and portrait mode shots.

One downside of the iPhone XR is that it does not have a headphone jack like some other models do.

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Why iPhone is the most popular phone

When it comes to smartphone popularity, there is no denying that the iPhone reigns supreme. According to Statista, in 2018 alone, iPhones accounted for over 50% of all mobile phone sales. And this doesn’t even include Android phones – which are still a major force in the market – or other types of smartphones like Blackberry and Windows 10 Mobile. What accounts for the iPhone’s enduring popularity? Here are five key reasons:

1) The iPhone is well known and highly respected by experts and consumers alike. This means that people are more likely to trust and use it than other types of smartphones.

2) There is a wide variety of iOS apps available, which means that users can find almost any type of app they need. This makes the iPhone more versatile and user-friendly than other phones.

Benefits and features of iPhone Xr

The iPhone Xr is Apple’s most affordable option for an iPhone. It has a few key features that set it apart from other iPhones. One of the benefits of the iPhone Xr is its battery life. The phone typically lasts for two days without needing to be charged, which is longer than most other iPhones. Additionally, the iPhone Xr has a lower resolution display than other iPhones, but it still has many features and benefits that make it an attractive option.


When it comes to iPhone models, the Xr is definitely a step up from the regular iPhone. Here are some of its key benefits:

  • The display is now a bit smaller at 6.1 inches, but it offers better color accuracy and brightness than before.
  • The Xr also features a new A13 Bionic chip that can handle more complex tasks and faster speeds. It also has 8GB of storage instead of the 6GB on the regular iPhone Xs and Xs Max.
  • Other features include an improved Face ID system, which can recognize you even if you have sunglasses on or a hat on, andaptic home button that responds more quickly than before.
  • The battery life is also longer than before, with some reports claiming up to 10 hours of usage.

iPhone xr price in Bangladesh – Today 31 March 2023

64 GB৳78,000
128 GB৳85,000
256 GB৳98,000

The iPhone XR is a budget-friendly option for Apple’s popular smartphone lineup. The device starts at $749, which is $100 less than the starting price of the iPhone XS and $200 less than the starting price of the iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XR has some notable features that set it apart from other iPhones. For starters, it has a 6.1-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels. It also has an A13 Bionic chip and supports Face ID and Animoji. Finally, it comes in two colors: black or silver.

বাংলাদেশে iPhone xr এর দাম – Today 31 March 2023

iPhone XR অ্যাপলের জনপ্রিয় স্মার্টফোন লাইনআপের জন্য একটি বাজেট-বান্ধব বিকল্প। ডিভাইসটি $749 থেকে শুরু হয়, যা iPhone XS-এর প্রারম্ভিক মূল্য থেকে $100 কম এবং iPhone XS Max-এর প্রারম্ভিক মূল্যের থেকে $200 কম৷

iPhone XR এর কিছু উল্লেখযোগ্য বৈশিষ্ট্য রয়েছে যা এটিকে অন্যান্য আইফোন থেকে আলাদা করে। প্রারম্ভিকদের জন্য, এটি 1080 x 2280 পিক্সেল রেজোলিউশন সহ একটি 6.1-ইঞ্চি LCD ডিসপ্লে রয়েছে৷ এটিতে একটি A13 বায়োনিক চিপ রয়েছে এবং এটি ফেস আইডি এবং অ্যানিমোজি সমর্থন করে। অবশেষে, এটি দুটি রঙে আসে: কালো বা রূপালী।

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