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Pran-RFL Group, a prominent conglomerate in Bangladesh, prides itself on providing exceptional products and a conducive work environment for its employees. To ensure transparency and ease in managing employee data, the company employs a web-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) known as This comprehensive HRIS platform enables employees to access their personal and employment details, track attendance, and calculate salary, allowances, and sales commissions. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using the Pran HRIS portal and guide employees through the process of accessing their information.

The Power of Pran HRIS Portal

The HRIS portal serves as a one-stop platform for Pran employees to manage their HR-related tasks efficiently. With secure login credentials provided by the company, employees can access their personalized profiles, gaining insights into their work history, position, and sales performance.

Exploring Your Profile

Upon logging in, employees can view essential details, such as attendance records, sales commission, allowances, and deductions. This comprehensive view empowers employees to track their performance and understand their salary components.

Salary Calculation

The HRIS portal provides a detailed breakdown of an employee’s salary calculation. It includes basic salary, allowances (e.g., travel, mobile bills), and sales commission. By accessing this information, employees can understand the factors influencing their salary and commission for the current month.

Sales Commission & Performance

For sales representatives, the portal showcases the calculation of their commission based on their sales performance. By understanding the criteria and commission structure, employees can strategize to maximize their earnings.

Leave and Vacation Management

Through the HRIS portal, employees can apply for leaves and manage their vacation days efficiently. The system automates approval workflows, ensuring timely responses from supervisors.

Enhancing Financial Planning

Knowing the exact details of salary and benefits empowers employees to plan their finances effectively. By accessing the HRIS portal regularly, employees can budget, save, and manage expenses more proactively.

Utilizing Pran Web DO

For sales representatives and dealerships, the Pran Web DO feature streamlines the process of ordering products. Employees can access the product catalog with specific codes, simplifying the ordering process.

Importance of HRIS Admin

HRIS admins play a crucial role in maintaining the platform, ensuring data accuracy, and providing support to employees. Understanding the responsibilities of the HRIS admin helps employees navigate any technical issues effectively.

hris pran Group Com 8686 Login

hris pran Group Com 8686 Login

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The Pran HRIS portal serves as an invaluable tool for employees, empowering them to manage their work-life efficiently. By accessing their personalized profiles, employees gain insights into their salary, allowances, sales commission, and other benefits. The transparency and ease of use provided by the HRIS portal enable employees to focus on their work and contribute to the company’s success. Embracing this digital solution enhances the overall work experience, fostering a productive and fulfilling work environment at Pran-RFL Group.