Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket Price (How much are FIFA World Cup Tickets)

The FIFA World Cup is almost here. Played in Qatar this year, it marks the first time the tournament will be played in November and December and the first time the tournament is being played in the Middle East. Qatar has invested $300 billion to host the event, including building seven new stadiums, but for fans, how much will it cost to attend the event?  The ticket prices discussed here have been obtained through the secondary market, but fans interested in attending can check FIFA’s website for tickets directly from the organizers, although few remain at this time as most tickets go on sale in October.

Residents of Qatar can probably get tickets directly from FIFA at a lower cost. The fully-loaded cost of your attendance in terms of transportation, lodging, and food/beverage is expected to be much higher. Although you won’t be charged $20 per beer since no alcohol will be served at the games.

Ticket prices depend on various factors such as who is playing, the stage of the tournament and more. The early games of the tournament are surprisingly affordable. For example, in the secondary market, USA vs. Wales has a get-in price of just $78. First game price for home team Saudi Arabia is $207. The prices for the later games go up surprisingly. Quarterfinal tickets are around $400 on the secondary market. The get-in for the semifinals is $700 or more, and the get-in for the World Cup final is $2,400.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Ticket prices

As with previous tournaments, Doha residents are entitled to take advantage of special prices for four categories of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets. Most group matches cost QR40, while the opening match costs QR200. Round of 16 matches will be QR70; Quarter finals are QR300; Semi-finals are QR500; Third place playoff will be QR300; And the final will be QR750.

These special prices are only available on individual match tickets, while tickets are available in categories one to three for the series. When applying for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets, you must apply through the portal specifically for Qatar residents and provide your address in Qatar, as well as your QID number. For non-Qatar residents, you can buy Category Three, Category Two and Category One tickets.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket Price

FIFA World Cup Qatar is the most anticipated football event in the world. The first match of the 2022 tournament will take place tomorrow, Sunday 20 November, between Ecuador and Qatar. The tournament is going to be the most expensive ever, as the country spends a whopping $220 billion on preparations. Here’s what you need to know about the overall cost, expected revenue and economic impact of the tournament on the country.

According to FIFA, the ticket price this year is 286 pounds or about 27,700 rupees per seat. The average price of a ticket for the final match is £684 or around Rs 66,200. Demand for tickets is huge. And to appeal to fans fairly, FIFA instigates a draw process whereby tickets are allocated when stadiums exceed capacity. Tickets are applied for through the official tournament website. A large part of the sale is courtesy of fans from Qatar, the United States, England, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Note that there are separate quotas for domestic and international fans.

How much do World Cup tickets cost?

Four categories of tickets as well as dedicated tickets for disabled and limited mobility were arranged for fans wishing to attend the World Cup in Qatar. Category 1 is the highest priced, located in the main area within the stadium. Category 2 and Category 3 are in-stadium seats that offer a less-premium view of the action & Category 4 is a seating area within the stadium specifically reserved for Qatari residents. All tickets are sold in Qatari riyals to both Qatari residents and international fans, with prices ranging from 40 riyals ($11) to 5,850 riyals ($1,607).

Where can I purchase 2022 World Cup tickets?

Tickets are made available for purchase on the FIFA Ticket Portal site. You will need to create an account on the site where you will be asked to confirm your address, nationality etc. Based on demand, tickets may be sold until the start of the tournament. Third-party sites, such as Seat Pick, also have tickets available for purchase.

How to Buy the FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket ?

Although around 3 million tickets have been sold so far, there is an extraordinarily high demand for FIFA World Cup tickets worldwide. As mentioned earlier, the first and second phase of ticket sales are already over. So, if you want to buy FIFA World Cup tickets for Qatar 2022, you can still try your luck with the last minute sales phase. So, whether you’re looking for your first ticket or planning to add a match or two, this is your chance to buy FIFA World Cup tickets.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket Price List


Cat 1

Category (Cat) 2

Cat 3

Cat 4

Opening match (Qatar v Ecuador)





Group matches





Round of 16 matches





Quarterfinals matches





Semifinals matches





Third-place match










Final Words

Buy FIFA World Cup Ticket & Enjoy All Football Matches.