FIFA World Cup 2022 Rules for visitors. FIFA Law alcohol, smoking and sex for 2022 event.

FIFA World Cup 2022 rules and law have been set by the Qatari government. Because the spectators can enjoy the game in an orderly environment. Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to start on November 20. World Cup is going crazy all over the world. Visitors must be aware of the  FIFA rules on girl dress, alcohol drinking, covid-19, girlfriend and sex.

 So FIFA rules made for spectators. How to dress in the stadium, whether you can stay in a hotel with your girlfriends, whether you can drink alcohol while watching the game, the rules and laws about the corona virus and sex. We will discuss the amount of punishment provided by FIFA for violating these rules and laws below.

FIFA World Cup 2022 rules on visitors

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be followed by the audience to watch the game. About 12 lakh visitors from abroad will watch the FIFA World Cup. FIFA previously published rules to control large crowds so that spectators do not create chaos.

According to the FIFA World Cup Qatar rules, no spectator can consume alcohol in the stadium. Also, men may not wear shot pans and may not take off their clothes to cheer for victory.
However, even if the beer is allowed in the stadium, there is a condition, so he has to buy it from the gallery with extra money, but not more than 2-3 pitches.

Girls have strict guidelines while watching the game. They cannot wear skimpy clothing and openly kissing is prohibited in the stadium. Violation of these rules has severe penalties. Husband and wife together without card. A Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be required to enter Qatar

FIFA has advised visitors to follow all the rules. Because if someone violates the rules, he will be given a large fine to imprisonment.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Law for Audience 

If you want to watch the FIFA World Cup, audience have to follow several FIFA law. FIFA provides guidelines to follow the law of the World Cup. So that the foreign spectators are not confused while watching the game.

Girls are not allowed to wear bikinis and boys are not allowed to wear shorts or half pants while watching sports in the stadium. And 15,000 cameras have been installed in the stadium to watch closely.

According to FIFA law, boys and girls cannot stay in hotels together. Violation of this rule will result in jail and fines. FIFA does not allow spectators to drink alcohol while watching the game.

Sex and homosexuality are banned in Qatar and the World Cup is no exception. FIFA has enacted strict laws for torture that include jail terms and fines.

 FIFA World Cup 2022 rules for Alcohol

Alcohol is prohibited as per FIFA World Cup 2022 rules. As Qatar is an Islamic country, alcohol is already prohibited. Alcohol cannot be consumed in stadiums or public palaces. You can drink alcohol in certain places, but you can’t overeat or get drunk.

FIFA-sanctioned Budweiser beer will be available at the stadium, but at a higher price. A visitor will not get more than 2 beers. Moreover, drinking cannot be done at night or at parties. Anyone caught drinking will be fined £700.

Drinking alcohol under 21 years is prohibited. If you violate the law, you will have to pay a fine of 3000 Qatari Riyals.

FIFA has allowed the sale of alcohol in consideration of the spectators. Alcohol can be consumed in licensed bars before and after the start of the game.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Law for Smoking

Smoking is prohibited inside and outside stadiums in FIFA World Cup Qatar. Also smoking is illegal in shopping malls, museums, streets, public places. Anyone caught smoking will be fined 3000 Qatari Riyals. That’s why FIFA publishes rules for spectators so that everyone follows the rules.

FIFA World Cup 2022 rules for Clothing 

FIFA determines the dress code for spectators at the World Cup. Because Qatar is an Islamic country, there is no open dress code in this country. No man can wear half pants and enjoy undressing in the joy of victory. No boy can kiss the girl while watching the game.

Girls will not be allowed to wear modest clothing at the World Cup in Qatar. Girls must cover their knees while watching the game and no tight clothing can be worn. Violation of these rules will result in imprisonment and fines

FIFA World Cup 2022 rules for Covid-19 and Mask

A covid-19 test is not required to come to watch the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. However, the Covid-19 card must be presented at the airport on arrival and a negative certificate will be required.

However, it is better to use masks in healthcare settings. It is better to avoid public places and wear a mask.

FIFA World Cup 2022 law for Sex and Gender

The FIFA World Cup is sexually and homosexually taboo under Qatari law. FIFA has issued a strict warning in this regard because there are severe punishments if someone makes a mistake.

Qatar World Cup rules that husbands and wives cannot live together. Can’t hug together again and can’t kiss in public

The Qatari government has a special focus on homosexuality. Because this is a punishable crime in Islamic countries. FIFA has warned spectators about homosexuality.

FIFA breaches of these laws can result in fines and the death penalty.

What is the punishment for breaking the law FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup 2022 special rules for spectators. So that the Qatar World Cup is celebrated in an orderly environment. There are severe penalties for breaking the rules.

If a girl wears a short dress, she will be fined 3000 Qatari Riyals. Again, he can be fined 700 pounds or six months in jail if he enjoys undressing while watching the game at the stadium.

If caught indulging in homosexuality, he can be punished by death. For this, FIFA has already given a warning message to the audience.