Eid Ul Adha mehndi designs

Eid means joy, Eid means happiness. So many people wear different outfits on Eid. Especially women wear henna on their hands. Many people have different designs on their hands and feet with the color of henna.

Maybe you are looking for beautiful mehndi design pictures? But you can’t find the design of the beautiful mehndi design of your choice. Today, through this article, we will introduce you to the different types of henna designs. 

Eid mehndi design

The biggest festival of the Muslim religion is Eid, which is celebrated twice a year. On these two Eid’s, all the relatives enjoy the joy of Eid together. On the day of Eid, the boys go to pray in new clothes and the girls celebrate Eid in new clothes. In particular, all mayors apply henna on their hands and look for beautiful henna designs.


Different types of mehndi designs

To increase your joy this Eid, we have brought you different types of henna designs. All the girls except Eid Mehdi feel empty handed. This is why all the girls want to make her hand more beautiful through the color of henna. Below are some henna designs. 


A big part of the decoration is to give mehndi by hand. Eid or marriage, giving mehndi in hand has now become like a lot of competition. There is a competition as to who can draw beautiful mehndi designs by hand. So today we tried to help you through this article.     



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