Chittagong University (CU) Admit Card 2024 PDF Download With Seat Plan

Chittagong University Admit Card 2024 can be downloaded from admission website admission cu ac bd. A separate admit card has to be downloaded for each unit. CU Admit Card 2023–2024 Download has started. It will start with the B-Unit admit card from 03 May. A-Unit Admit Card can be downloaded from 03 May. Other units can be downloaded with the following schedule C-Unit 05, D-Unit 07, B1-Unit 09, D1-Unit 10 May. CU Admission Test Admit Card 2023-24 for A, B, C, D, B1 and D1 units will start downloading on various dates. It can be downloaded up to 1 hour before the entrance exam. CU admit card download schedule is given below.

CU Admit Card 2024 Download Schedule

Note: Since the admission test date has been changed, the deadline for downloading CU Admit Card has also been changed. Note: Admit Card download time is from the start date to 1 Hour before Exam Time.

A Unit: 03-05-2023
B Unit: 03-05-2023
C Unit: 05-05-2023
D Unit: 07-05-2023
B1 Unit: 09-05-2023
D1 Unit: 10-05-2023

How to download Chittagong University Admit Card?

Chittagong University CU Admit Card 2023-24 is available for download from the admission website, Apart from this, there is no opportunity to collect admit card of Chittagong University from any other medium. Admission test will be conducted on separate dates for each unit. You have to download a separate admit card for each unit. Applicants can log in using their user ID and password and download the admit card.

The date, time, venue and other details of the admission test will be mentioned in the CU admit card. Follow the instructions below to download Chittagong University Admit Card 2023-24 for A, B, C, and D Unit and Sub Unit.

  • Visit the admission website
  • Give login option.
  • Enter User ID and Password
  • Press the login button
  • Download the Admit Card of the applied unit.

Please note, in case of loss of User ID and Password for any reason, please contact the Admissions Help Desk. No candidate will be allowed to participate in the admission test without admit card. After downloading Chittagong University Admit Card two copies should be printed. The admit card must be printed in color on A4 size offset paper.

CU Admission Test Schedule 2024

Chittagong University admission test date has been published. As per the new schedule, the admission test will be held from 16 May to 25 May 2024. The detailed schedule of unit-wise admission test has been released. The admit card of Chittagong University will also mention the admission test date of each unit.

A Unit: 16 May, 2023 [ 9:45 AM ]
B Unit: 18 May, 2023 [ 9:45 AM ]
C Unit: 20 May, 2023 [ 9:45 AM ]
D Unit: 22 May, 2023 [ 9:45 AM ]
B1 Unit: 24 May, 2023 [ 9:45 AM ]
D1 Unit: 25 May, 2023 [ 9:45 AM ]

CU Admit Card PDF Download

You can also follow this link to be redirected to CU Admit Card download portal and download admit card without any hassle. Please note, you have to download the admit card one hour before the exam. No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall without admit card.

Download Admit Card

Final word

All this is about Chittagong University’s admit card. We have collected all the necessary information and presented it at one place for your convenience. Hope this makes your preparation less stressful. good luck!