Combined University Admission 2021

This year the admission test will be organized on a merit basis for the 2020-21 academic year and the system will be called the Combined University admission test. 19 public and science and technology universities will take the admission test in cluster or bunch system using a 100 marks MCQ system and short questions.

The UGC held a meeting with the vice-chancellors of all categories of public universities on January 23. The Vice-Chancellors of all the public universities of the country have agreed to the proposal made at a recent meeting held at UGC so the Bunch System University Admission Test seems to be the next viable option for university admissions.

Combined University Admission Circular

According to the Combined University Admission Test Circular, there will be some criteria for students to get admission. There are currently 47 public universities in the country. Of these, 19 public universities will be available for admission and the name of the renowned universities are mentioned in the Bunch System University Admission Test Circular. The summary of this system admission is mentioned below:

বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে গুচ্ছ ভর্তি পদ্ধতি

  • The students of the science department will have to take exams in Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and ICT.
  • Commerce students will have questions on Bengali, English, Accounting, Business Organization, and Management and ICT.
  • The students of the humanities department have to take exams in Bengali, English, and ICT.
  • The Bunch System University Admission Test will be conducted using MCQ format.
  • The value of the questions is 100 marks total and there will also be some short questions.
  • Examinations will be conducted simultaneously for two days in the morning and the afternoon.

Integrated Admission Test Mark Distribution

For the Bunch System University Admission Test, science students would have 20 marks in physics, 20 marks in chemistry, 40 marks in biology-mathematics and ICT. Any two subjects in Biology, ICT, and Mathematics have to be answered. And in Bengali and English, there will be a total of 20 questions with 10 marks.

For the Commerce Department, there will be 25 marks in Accounting, 25 marks in Business Organization and Management, 25 marks in ICT, 13 marks in Bengali, and 12 marks in English. The Humanities section will have 40 questions in Bengali, 35 questions in English, and 25 questions on ICT.

Bunch System University Admission Eligibility

Who can Apply for the Bunch System University Admission Test / Admission Eligibility?

The minimum qualifications for application in 19 universities in the Bunch System University Admission Test have been published. For the minimum qualification, the total GPA of the secondary and higher secondary in the science department is 7 except for the fourth subject. In business education, the total GPA of the secondary and higher secondary is 7 and a half except for the fourth subject and in humanities, the total GPA of secondary and higher secondary is 8 and a half.

How to Apply for Combined University Admission Test

The proposal states that a website will be created for the Bunch System University Admission Test. Applicants will apply online by entering the website. According to the category, the applicant can select a total of 10 universities and multiple subjects. The list of those selected according to the merit list will be published on the same website. Admission test fee may be fixed at one thousand taka only. An admission booth will be set up at a large university in Dhaka. All the related information will be provided there.

If the integrated admission test system is implemented, the suffering of the students will be reduced. However, the system is new and its effectiveness is yet to be tested. The aspiration of the country and the nation is integrated with the admission test. We will publish more information on the Bunch System University Admission Test when it emerges.

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