BTRC Mobile Registration Process Bangladesh

Unofficial Mobile Phone Register In Bangladesh

The BTRC  has recently reached a decision about the Mobile Handset Registration Process. The decision is about all the mobile handsets that are currently connected to the network. BTRC mobile handset registration process to legalize all mobile handsets connected to the network. So at present, all the legal and illegal mobile handsets in Bangladesh are getting legitimacy. 

By July 30, all domestic and foreign handsets that connect to the country’s network are going to get legitimacy. Such news is being spread in all the media of the country at once. Therefore, everyone should be aware of this issue. Because if all the mobile handsets are not validated by July 30, the price will have to be paid later. So the BTRC mobile handset registration process is running.

There are many mobile phones that are legally bought or received as gifts from abroad. On the other hand, the IMEI number of those mobile handsets is not in the BTRC database. Every handset can be added to the database by BTRC mobile handset registration process. Those mobile handsets have to be connected to the network of any mobile phone operator in Bangladesh by July 30. Otherwise, there will be problems invalidating the mobile handsets later.

Today I will discuss how to register your mobile handset with BRTC. So those who are thinking their mobile handset is valid or not? Please read our article. Once you have completed the reading, you will understand how the IMEI number of your mobile phone is in the BTRC database.

How to registration valid and invalid mobile handsets on BTRC

BTRC has developed an automatic system for the registration of all mobile handsets that are used in Bangladesh. Registration will be done automatically if any mobile handset is connected to any operator’s network on June 30. So there are no hard and fast rules for mobile handset registration. Registration will be complete only when the handset is connected to a SIM. That means the handset IMEI number will be connected to the BTRC database as soon as any SIM is connected to the company’s network. And IMEI of mobile phones will be included in the database of BTRC, which will be considered valid.

Mobile handset registration process after 1 June

Until July 30, BTRC’s mobile handset registration process is ‍ auto. After July 30, that is, from July 1, BTRC’s mobile handset registration process is different. We know that BTRC will automate the mobile handset registration process till July 30. From July 1, different procedures will be followed for new handset registration. This means that from July 1, BTRC automatic registration process is deactivated. So now a question may arise in everyone’s mind. So how will BTRC complete the registration of new handsets from July 1?

The registration process for newly purchased and purchased mobile handsets from outside the country will start from July 1. From July 1, the customer will be notified via SMS if any of the handsets that will be connected to the network are invalid. And the customer can use the mobile handset for up to three months from the time of SMS delivery. If the customer validates his mobile handset within these three months, the registration will be done automatically. And if the handset is not validated within three months, i.e. if it is considered invalid, then no SIM will work in that handset. In other words, the network of any Bangladeshi mobile operator will not accept that mobile.

How to register a handset purchased or gifted from abroad

At present, there are many Bangladeshis who buy handsets from abroad and bring them to the country. Again there are many who send handset gifts to loved ones in the country from abroad. Now a question arises as to how to register a handset bought and gifted from abroad. Handsets bought or gifted from abroad will be activated automatically if they are launched in the country. Such customers will be sent an SMS within 10 days to register online with information or documents. The handset will be considered valid if it is registered with the correct information document within 10 days. And if the handset is considered invalid, the customer will be notified via SMS. For all those customers, the handset will be up and running for three months.

BTRC Mobile IMEI Registration Process

  1. To register a handset purchased or gifted from abroad, the customer has to open an account at the website.
  2. Go to the Special Registration section and provide the IMEI number of the mobile handset
  3.  Photo scanned copy of required documents (such as passport/visa/immigration information and purchase receipt etc. should be uploaded)
  4. Once uploaded, you need to complete the process by clicking the submit button

The handset will be registered automatically if it is considered valid. If it is not valid, it will be informed through SMS. The customer will have the opportunity to use the handset for up to 30 days from launch. BTRC will take further action as per the decision of the government after the trial period has passed. Anyone can take help from mobile operator customer care to complete this process.

BTRC Mobile Registration Process Bangladesh

Here is another thing everyone should know. According to the current baggage rules, a person returning from abroad can bring two handsets to the country duty-free. You can also bring 6 more handsets to the country on the condition of paying duty. So a person can bring a total of eight handsets to the country. There is no need to pay any fee for 2 of these handsets. The remaining 6 phones will be a charge.

How to verify or check the validity of any mobile handset:

How to verify / check the validity of any mobile handset

  1. Anyone can check the validity of any handset. To verify the validity, dial * 16161 # on the mobile.
  2. Then the option will appear on the screen, from there you have to select the status check.
  3.  A box will appear where you have to write and send the 15 digit IMEI number of the mobile handset.
  4. Then a box with a yes or no option will appear.
  5.  We have to make sure to select yes.
  6.  You will be informed later whether the handset is valid or invalid.


If someone has a handset bought from abroad as a switch-off, he has to activate it by connecting the SIM before June 30. Otherwise, the handset may go to the invalid list later. So make sure all handsets are valid by June 30th.


Lastly, the government’s initiative for mobile handset registration is a very timely decision. As a result of this decision, the government will have a valid database of mobile handsets. The government will also be able to collect taxes properly from mobile handset sources.

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