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BiP Android app: If you are a Muslim then I request you to read the whole post. Today I will write to you how to use this BIP app.And why would you use the BIP app? You all probably know that Turkey is an Islamic country and Turkish President Erdogan has urged everyone to use this BIP app. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on all Muslims and people in Muslim countries to use the BIP android app. He complained that imo viber whatsapp all these social media app promotes various pornographic advertisements which are haram for muslims. He further alleges that other social media apps steal our information which can be harmful to us. 

What is BIP App?

BIP is a smartphone application software. It is made for social communication like, voice call, video call and massaging also. It’s available for the android operating system,ios and web also. It is a social media app like imo, Viber, WhatsApp that developed for communication. It is specially made for the people of Muslim countries.

About BiP

The BiP app is a social networking app originally created by Turkish developers. The developers of this app have created the app with the people of Islamic countries in mind. This app has more than 250 different types of service channels. These can be used to enjoy a variety of entertaining presentations and do the necessary work. The developers of these apps have an added benefit for Turkish users only. The advantage is that the people of Turkey can exchange money with each other through this app. This facility is not open to the public in any country other than Turkey.

This app has night mode option for battery saving. Using night mode will result in lower battery consumption and higher charge. This app has a translation facility that can be used to translate more than 100 languages ​​into another language. Emergency button is one of the features of this app. Which allows the user’s location and message to be passed on to another user in the event of an emergency. In addition to all these features, there are many other features that have made the apps much more user friendly. 

Feature of BiP App

This app has been created with some new features. From the similar apps of this app, some new benefits have been added to this App. Now we discuss about features of the app.

Fast and secure messaging:

Messaging can be done very quickly using the BiP app and ensuring data security. The developers have made the app’s servers extremely fast so that messaging can be done very quickly. And this app has more security than any other social media messaging app.

High quality voice and video calls:

The developers of this app have developed it in such a way that the quality of voice and video calls is much better. In other apps we have seen that voice quality and video quality are very low. But if you use this app, you will get high quality and video quality. The resulting messaging and video call experience will be more beautiful.

Secure & Buffalo Video Conferencing:

BiP Meet

The use of high quality algorithms in the BiP app results in a bufferless experience during video conferencing. And using high security algorithms will result in higher data security. Many times we need to have meetings through conferencing for different officials. While using other apps, the video is shown most of the time, so the meeting cannot be completed properly through conferencing. Using this app you can do conferencing without any buffering.

Video conferencing will ensure data security so that meetings can be conducted safely through conferencing. The user interface for video conferencing is very simple and user friendly. Meetings can be held through 50 video conferencing per month which is completely free and without cost. Users must register to take advantage of this. This facility cannot be enjoyed without registration. The developers have left the option of creating a private room for the meeting moderators in this app so that no other unwanted person can enter the meeting room. General meeting management does not require any registration.

Group video call:

You can talk to up to 10 video calls at once using the BiP app. And 10 people can make video calls together without any buffering. Even if 10 people talk in a video call at once, its video quality will remain improved and intact. And the process is very simple and user friendly.

BiP HD Video Call








Multi-language Messaging:

Multi-language messaging can be done using BiP App. This means that even if you are chatting or messaging in another language, it can be translated into your own language. This feature is called multi-language messaging. BiP can be translated into 106 languages. This process can be done very easily.

Money Transfer:

The Bip App Authority has added a new option to this app that allows you to transfer money to each other’s accounts. However, this facility is open only to the people of Turkey. Citizens of any country other than the people of Turkey will not be able to enjoy this benefit.

Emergency Button:

BiP Emergency Button

The Developer of BiP app keep a emergency button of this app. The benefit of the button is when any user face problem and he/she need help emergency then user press this button. After pressing the button the app start work emergency mode. Parents or friends or police of user are alert about the user on some problem. and the app share the location of the user. 

Let’s Play Games:

Many games have been added to this app through the Let’s Play game option. As a result, many games can be played to spend time or have fun without installing any other games and only using the BiP App. And all these games can be played for free. Later new games will be added to this app automatically.

Quality Media Sharing:

Any type of high definition media can be shared using BiP App and other shared media like audio video pictures etc. can be viewed through this app. In other apps we have seen that even if the media could be shared, it could not be shared in high quality media or if it was shared, its quality would be low. But this app can share high quality media and the quality will remain the same even after sharing.

Follow Love Once

Use the BiP App to follow each other live via location sharing. If a person cannot find a place or a person, he can select a location and reach a specific place or person.

BiP App Apk Download

This up is in the Google Play Store. Anyone who wants to install this app can do so by visiting the link below from an Android smartphone.

Download Google Play Store

Download For IOS App Store

BiP install google play store

BiP App Download For PC

BiP Up has also been developed for desktop computers. There are many people who do not use smartphones but use desktop computers. With them in mind, the developer of BiP has created a desktop version. The desktop version of BiP can be downloaded by visiting the link below.

Download For Windows

Download For MAC OS

BiP Web Link

BiP Web

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