Bangladesh Victory Day 2024 – Bijoy Dibosh SMS, Wishes, Messages

Bangladesh Victory Day 2022- SMS, Wishes, Message and Quotes available here. In a many days the great Victory day is upon us. On the occasion of Victory Day, we generally partake the joy with others by transferring sms, quotations, wallpapers to loved bones . Moment we’ve brought all the stylish quality sms, quotes and wishes of Bangladesh Victory Day wishes. So check them out now.

When is the Victory day of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Victory Day is always celebrated on 16 December. Known as’ Victory Day’ in Bengali, this vacation commemorates the Allied High Command’s Victory over Pakistani forces in the 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence.

History of Victory Day of Bangladesh

It all started with India’s independence, in 1947, which created the ascendance of Pakistan. This meant that Pakistan now had two separate regions on either side of India – West Pakistan and East Pakistan – which led to disunion between the two regions. When Bangladesh gained independence on March 26, 1971, the emancipation war began. The butchery began with the launch of Operation Searchlight as West Pakistan( now Pakistan) cracked down on East Pakistan( now Bangladesh).

The people of Bangladesh also took the responsibility of sharing in the war for independence from Pakistan. This gain came at the cost of innumerous losses. The Mukti Bahini, a guerrilla resistance movement composed of Bangladeshi service and civilians, was created for this war. This guerrilla war lasted for a aggregate of nine horrible months. In November, India joined the war in support of Bangladesh. Shortly later, they defeated the Pakistan Army, eventually ending the war on 16 December, when Pakistan surrendered at Ramna Racecourse in Dhaka. Our government has proven what numerous would consider moral ruin. But we chose not to intermediate, indeed innocently, on the grounds that the Awami Leauge, to which the term unfortunately trespassed genocide applies, is entirely the internal matter of a autonomous state. Private Americans expressed outrage. We, as professional civil retainers, express our disagreement with the current policy and unfeignedly hope that our real and continuing interests can be defined then and our programs can be diverted to save our nation’s position as a moral leader of the free world.”

How is Victory Day of Bangladesh celebrated?

The commemoration to mark the day began with a 31- gun salutation at the National Parade Ground in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. further than three million people were killed in the nine- month conflict and the President and Prime Minister will pay homage to the killers of the Liberation War by laying a wreath at Savar National Cemetery at daylight. A formal form will also be held at the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum in Dhaka. Small honorary events generally take place in major metropolises and quarter headquarters across the country.
The public flag will be hoisted in government, semi-government and private services across the country. Important structures and structures will be illuminated at night. Important roads will be decorated with atomic public flags and bunting. State and private TV and radio broadcast special programs pressing the emancipation war throughout the month. Special prayers will be offered in kirks and other places of deification for the deliverance of the souls of the killers in the emancipation war and for the peace, progress and substance of the country. Advanced food will be served in jails, hospitals, orphanages and homeless harbors across the country.

Bangladesh Victory Day Message 2022

“ Every freedom fighter had insomniac nights trying to drive out the interferers from the nation. On this day, we show our respect to them and pay homage to them for their frippery. Happy Bangladesh Victory Day 2022.”

“ The topmost struggle for the people of a nation is the struggle for freedom. salutation to the stalwart army and people of Bangladesh on 16 December 2022.”

“ Every war has consequences that affect millions of people. Victory Day of Bangladesh is a surge of joy that affects every citizen inversely ”

” Bangladesh Victory Day is a symbol of the immense Victory of good against wrong! It was a festivity of right against wrong ”

“ Every legionnaire who offered his life for the freedom of the country will live ever in the hearts of people. Bangladesh Victory Day 2022.”

“ December 16 is a red letter day for the people of Bangladesh. A day worth celebrating. Bangladesh Victory Day 2022.”

Victory Day Quotes

I wish you all a safe and happy Victory Day 2022 festivity.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day 2022!

Continue to enjoy freedom to its fullest! Happy Victory Day 2022!

I hope this Victory Day 2022 brings you happiness and stopgap!

Then is to our blessed and noble independent nation!

Your donation is veritably important to move the country forward. We need to be apprehensive of how our conduct and quiescence affect other people’s well- being. Have a fun- filled festivity

Let us be conscious of what we can do to make our nation a place of wealth, peace and happiness. Then is wishing you and your family a safe and happy Victory Day 2022!

Then is to a future filled with understanding, appreciation and gratefulness. Happy Independence Day!

moment we take a moment to appreciate our nation and those who have given us freedom Let’s not forget their immolation. Happy Independence Day!

Victory Day Status 2022

My beautiful motherland, you’re the place where I was born; You’re the place where I want to take my last breath. You’re and will be in my blood. Happy Victory Day 2022 to all ”

Open all the windows, I’ll sing, sing the song of Victory. They will come in silence who have given their lives for the love of this country. Happy Victory Day to all ”

Love in red, fellowship in white, pain in blue, black in black, my Bangladesh in green. Happy Bangladesh Victory Day to all.”

Vijay showed me the way and gave them hope to survive. I sing the song of Victory; I want freedom. I want to cross the road holding the Victory flag. Happy Victory Day 2022 Bangladesh.”

Dreams begin with you and end with you. But you love my Bangladesh. Happy Victory Day Bangladesh 2022 ”

moment is December 16 in Bangladesh. Mohan Vijay Dibosh. On this day in 1971, after 9 months of bloody war and immolation of 3 million lives, we got our motherland Bangladesh. Happy Vijay Dibosh 2022 ”

Final word

Eventually, we want to say that the Great Victory Day is veritably important for us. Celebrate this day with quality. Show deep respect to the killers. Partake the joy of Victory Day with your loved bones , cousins, musketeers by transferring SMS, quotes etc. However, SMS, Quotes, If you have any question about Bangladesh Victory Day Images.