USA VS Iran Head to Head

The biggest tournament in the football world is the World Cup. And this world cup game is held after 4 years. Qatar World Cup 2022 is going to start again after 4 long years. The World Cup in Qatar has created curiosity in the minds of football fans all over the country. All football fans have many thoughts about their favorite team. All the teams selected for the World Cup in Qatar have already been divided into groups.

USA is going to enter the field in the group stage match against Iran. Both teams are very strong teams. A lot of curiosity has started around the said match. The fans of these two teams are also worried. Many people want to know about the head to head results of these two teams. So in this article the head to head results of USA vs Iran are discussed. 

USA vs Iran head to head

Since the beginning of football 24 February 2024 USA has played against Iran only 2 times. There are many teams who have never faced each other or only faced each other 1-2 times. Only 2 times USA has faced  against Iran. USA has lost 1 match and drawn 1 match in 2 times. USA could not win the 2nd fight. But Iran has done the work.


Iran vs USA Face to Face 

USA first entered the field against Iran on June 21, 1998. This match was held on the World Cup stage. Iran won the match 2-1. After this again on 16 January 2000 these two teams met in an international friendly match. The match was a 1-1 draw. The two teams never met again. Below are the details:






21 Jun 1998 




FIFA World Cup

12 Nov 2020




International Friendly

Who is ahead in terms of strength?

USA is a very good football team. USA plays very good football against any team. This team can do anything in the field at any time. USA has also been playing better soccer lately than ever before. In the last match, USA took the field against Salvador. The match was a 1-1 draw. In the said match, 1 player from both the teams saw a red card.


On the other hand, Iran also plays very good football. This team fights competitively with any team. In the last match, Iran played against Algeria. Iran lost the match 2-1. But the match ends with a bone-to-bone fight. Various footballers have not put anyone ahead of these two teams. Footballers are keeping both teams in equal position in terms of strength.


The group stage matches in the World Cup play a very important role for all football teams. So all the football teams prepare ahead of the group stage match. Ahead of the Qatar World Cup 2022, there are various discussions going on on and off the field for the group stage matches. USA is going to enter the field in the group stage match against Iran. Fans of both teams have become very curious about the said match. So this article discusses the head to head results of the two teams.