SSC Scholarship Result 2023

Board of Education Bangladesh is going to publish SSC Scholarship Result 2024 for all boards on 16 October 2024. Each Board of Education will publish the results individually on their respective official websites. However, we provide you a PDF link to download the results of each board scholarship. Students can view the scholarship release date, various ways to access the results and all relevant information here. Although a large number of students will receive A +, some students will not receive their intended scholarship. Because of their talent pool and limited number of scholarships for general department.

SSC Scholarship Results 2024

The government will provide scholarships to 25,000 students on the basis of SSC results. Of these, 3,000 students will be given merit scholarships and 22,000 students will be given general scholarships. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has distributed board-based quotas for merit and general scholarships for the 2024 SSC examinations. The education boards have been asked to select the students for the scholarship by October 16 and publish the scholarship gazette. Scholarship money will be delivered directly to the student’s account through GTP or EFT.

Date of publication of SSC Scholarship

SSC Scholarship Result are offered to encourage meritorious and economically backward students to pursue higher studies without any break. Previously, the authorities conducted a separate examination to select students for SSC scholarships for SSC-eligible students. However, after the commencement of SSC examinations, separate examinations for scholarships are removed and SSC scores are taken as reference for selecting the right candidates for the scholarship. So, every student who wants to get SSC scholarship has to pass SSC exam with good marks.

Scholarship Results 2024

SSC Results 2024 Date: 28th July 2024
SSC Scholarship Results 2024 Date: October 2024
Official site for viewing SSC Scholarship Results:

SSC Scholarship Variety of Results 

All the Boards of Education in Bangladesh will provide scholarships to all the SSC candidates of the eight Boards of Education who are eligible under the Talent Pool and General Grade Scholarships. To be eligible for any one of these scholarships, the student must have certain qualifications that meet the rules set by the authorities and they are here. These results will be given to us here at the same time when the results of any board SSC scholarship will be published.

Who will get SSC Scholarship 2024?

Candidates who get GPA of 4 and 5 or 90 to 100 percent marks are generally eligible for SSC scholarship under Talent Pool for meritorious students. However, there is another scholarship called the General Grade Scholarship which is given to the economically weaker students who cannot afford their higher education. About 10,000 students are selected each year under the Talentpool Scholarship and about 20,000 under the General Grade Scholarship. However, these scholarships are given only to eligible candidates for the 2024 SSC examination. After selecting the eligible candidates, SSC Scholarship 2024 results will be published according to the PDF Board.

Candidates selected for the Talent Pool and General Grade Scholarships will receive a monthly stipend. According to the source, the talent pool eligible students will get 300 / – per month which is 3,600 / – per annum. Whereas, students eligible for general grade scholarship will get 225 / – per month which means 2,700 / – per year for their 9th and 10th grade.

How to check SSC scholarship Results online?

The Board of Education publishes the SSC Scholarship Result in PDF format on the official website along with the name of the candidate, roll number and the name of the institute. However, PDFs of scholarship results are published separately for eight education boards on board-based websites. Here, we have given steps for a board and using the same method, candidates can access their scholarship results from their respective board website.

  • Visit the official website of Dhaka Board,
  • Search for SSC Scholarships in the “SSC Corner” of the home page.
  • Find and click the relevant scholarship link.
  • Now you can view SSC Scholarship Results 2024 Dhaka Board PDF on a new page.
  • Check if your name or roll number is present in your police station or board district.
  • Scholarship Results PDF Download and save for future use.
  • Scholarship results will be given separately for men and women. Candidates who are unable to download the SSC Scholarship Results 2024 PDF from the official website can follow the links given below and get the results.

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