SSC Agriculture Assignment 2022

SSC Agriculture (7th Week) Assignment Answer (এসএসসি শ্রেণীর কৃষি এসাইনমেন্ট এর সমাধান) is available here. Do you need answers of SSC Agriculture 7th week questions? We have answered all the questions of SSC Agriculture Assignment for 7th week. This Krishi solution of the 7th week will be very useful for the students of SSC. So read the full post to get the Agriculture solution for 7th week of 10th class.

SSC Agriculture Assignment

DSHE has published the SSC Agriculture Assignment Questions 2022 with requirement instructions. The given question mentions from which chapter the SSC Agriculture Assignment question has been asked. Also, the SSC Agriculture Assignment question is given and the content that should be mentioned in the answer while answering is also given. As a result, students will be able to read and understand the chapter well and answer the SSC Agriculture Assignment question very easily. The best thing is to give some information as an instruction. If you read them, it will be possible to give a correct answer to SSC Agriculture Assignment. Again, there are instructions for teachers to evaluate in the assignment. As a result, a student will be able to understand and answer the question of how to answer the SSC Agriculture Assignment Question, which of the following will be “very good”, “good”, “normal” and “need for progress”. As a result, it is possible to get good marks or get good results in the SSC Agriculture Assignment Question.


SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022

I will now talk about how to answer the SSC 2022 7th week Agricultural Assignment. There are many students who have not yet prepared the answer sheets of Agricultural Assignment. Thinking about them, today I will present to you the method of writing the answer to the assignment of the 7th week of agriculture. So all the students who are looking for answers of SSC 2022 7th week Agricultural Assignment follow us. Because the answers of SSC 2022 7th week Agricultural Assignment can be downloaded from our website in PDF format. Carefully read the next step to get the best results from SSC 2022 7th week Agricultural Assignment.

SSC 2022 7th Week Agriculture Assignment

অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট: বসত বাড়িতে গবাদিপশু ও হাঁসমুরগীর খামার তৈরি করতে চাইলে নির্ধারিত সম্পূরক খাবার প্রয়ােগের উপর একটি প্রতিবেদন প্রস্তুতকরণ

As part of the SSC 2022 7th week Agricultural Assignment, a report will have to be prepared on all the supplementary foods that need to be used to manage the livestock and poultry farms at home. To answer the assignment, students need to know a number of things. It is important to have a good knowledge of what supplements are. Also make a list of fish and animal supplements. It is also necessary to acquire knowledge on how to provide supplementary food to fish and livestock. The latest and all the supplements that are needed for the rapid growth of animals need to be analyzed. SSC 2022 will have to work in accordance with the guidelines for making assignments to provide correct answers to the 7th week Agricultural assignment.

SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer SSC Agriculture 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer[Join]

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From the natural environment of fish ponds for growth and survival of the body, phytoplankton (plant particles), zoo-plankton (animal particles) khudipana, six aquatic insects, insects at the bottom of the pond, lava, earthworms, six snails, oysters, dead organisms . But in case of fish farming, in order to get higher production, fry are released in ponds at higher density. In this situation, natural food alone is not enough for rapid growth and economically profitable production of fish. Even increasing natural food by applying fertilizers is not enough. For this, besides natural food, fish has to be given extra food from outside. This is called supplemental food.

Such as rice husk, mustard husk, fish mill etc. Grass carp and sarpunti fish are herbivores and for them khudipana, kuti pana, soft leaves of vegetables, grass can be cut and given as supplementary food in the pond. In the supplementary food supplied to the fish, it is necessary to ensure that the levels of various nutrients such as meat, fat or oil, sugars, mineral salts and vitamins are kept as per the demand. The supplemental food that is made by keeping all these nutrients in the right amount is called balanced supplementary food. Fish supplement food source Different types of food ingredients are used to make fish supplement food. These elements can be divided into two parts based on the source.

A) Vegetative

B) Animal species

Vegetable: Some of the notable ingredients in plant food are rice husk, wheat and pulses, mustard oil, sesame oil, flour, chitagur, khudipana, kitchen leftovers, various soft leaves like sweet pumpkin, banana leaf, cabbage etc.

Livestock: Some of the animal food ingredients are dried fish powder or fishmill, silkworm meal, shrimp powder (shrimp meal), crab powder, bone meal (bone meal), snail meat, cattle blood (blood mill) etc.

The benefits of a supplemental diet

1. By providing regular supplementary food to the fish, fry and big fish can be farmed in higher density.

2. Large sized healthy strong fry can be produced in a short time.

3. Payne’s survival rate increases.

4. Increases the immunity of fish.

5. Fish grow rapidly physically.

6. Fish is free from nutritional deficiencies.

7. Above all, it is possible to get more fish and financial profit from the reservoir in less time.


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