NYT Crossword Answers 06/16/23 Today’s Questions & Clues

Looking for today’s NYT Crossword Puzzle June 16 2023 Questions, Hints, Answers, and Clues? Look no further! Today’s puzzle is sure to be a challenging and enjoyable experience for crossword enthusiasts of all levels. With a range of clues spanning from pop culture references to historical events, there’s something for everyone in this puzzle. Some key transition words to keep in mind as you work through the clues include “moreover,” “however,” and “consequently.” So put on your thinking cap and get ready to tackle this puzzle head-on!

NYT Across Clues & Answers

Today’s June 16, 2023 NY Times Crossword Across box features some interesting questions and answers. One clue is “You can buy it by the inch,” which refers to ADSPACE. Another question asks for the name of the college football coach with the most national titles, which is Nick Saban, with seven titles as of 2023. The crossword also features a fun play on words with “Shell stations?” as the clue for TACOBARS. Other clues in the Across box include “Not even once” for NEVER, “Rocker Ted” for NUGENT, and “Painful” for ACHY. The NYTC Across box is a great way to challenge your brain and keep your mind sharp.

QN Questions / Hints Answers & Clues
1 You can buy it by the inch ADSPACE
2 Nick ___, college football coach with the most national titles (seven, as of 2023) SABAN
3 Shell stations? TACOBARS
4 Current connection point ANODE
5 ___ National Monument, landmark in New York City’s West Village STONEWALL
6 Secret targets ODORS
7 Hard to handle, in a way EELY
8 Some foreign relations TIAS
9 Sketch SKIT
10 Throw in ADD
11 Faints from emotion PLOTZES
12 Tuition, e.g. FEE
13 H.S. football night, usually FRI
14 Professional org. that launched the “War on Smoking” AMA
15 Lee of film ANG
16 Spending excessive time reading negative news online DOOMSCROLLING
17 Modern form of ostracization CANCELCULTURE
18 Popular vodka cocktails WHITERUSSIANS
19 Norse goddess of death with an apt-sounding name HEL
20 Family nickname SIS
21 Long to be in Hollywood? NIA
22 “___ news?” ANY
23 Bagel shop request SCHMEAR
24 “What’s happening?” SUP
25 Curry and others TIMS
26 Chicken ___ KIEV
27 Mount (up) PILE
28 Knack FLAIR
29 They go straight to your head EGOBOOSTS
30 Tapenade ingredient OLIVE
31 Evidence of a “SCREECH!,” maybe SKIDMARK
32 Let up RELAX
33 Bridge tactic ENDPLAY

NYT Vertical Clues & Answers

Today’s June 16 2023 NY Times Crossword Vertical box is filled with interesting and challenging questions. One of the questions is “Making a crossing, say,” and the answer is “ATSEA.” Another question is “Out … or went out with,” and the answer is “DATED.” Then, there’s the question “Tear into,” which has the answer “SCOLD.” These are just a few of the many questions and answers in today’s NY Times Crossword Vertical box. Overall, the crossword is a fun and engaging way to exercise your brain and test your vocabulary. So, if you’re up for a challenge, give it a try and see how many questions you can solve!

QN Questions / Hints Answers & Clues
1 Making a crossing, say ATSEA
2 Out … or went out with DATED
3 Tear into SCOLD
4 Small drinking glass, as for liquor PONY
5 Saperstein who founded the Harlem Globetrotters ABE
6 Harsh cry CAW
7 Mythological name that means “awakener of desire” ERATO
8 ___ Miguel Island, one of the Azores SAO
9 Some Boolean operators ANDS
10 Events for bibliophiles BOOKFAIRS
11 Award-winning poet ___ Rich ADRIENNE
12 Reserve, of a sort NESTEGG
13 Open with a penknife, say SLIT
14 Name symbolizing restoration LAZARUS
15 Pasta or pudding ingredient SEMOLINA
17 Eponymous county of Ireland LIMERICK
18 Coastal corrosion cause SALTAIR
19 Typesetting consideration FONT
20 British newspaper with the highest paid circulation (as of 2023) DAILYMAIL
21 Drink made with syrup SLUSHIE
22 Includes, in a way CCS
23 Horace’s “two-horned queen of the stars” LUNA
24 Common fabric for bedspreads CHENILLE
25 “Why?” WHATFOR
26 Memory units, for short MEGS
27 Call up EVOKE
28 Stiff fiber SISAL
29 Extremist ULTRA
30 Persistently annoying PESKY
31 One of the Hindu trinity SIVA
32 Ceremony POMP
33 Dinosaur in “Toy Story” REX
34 Spot for discards BIN
35 Not like everything else ODD


In conclusion, the June 16, 2023 edition of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle was a challenging and entertaining experience. With a mix of clever clues and interesting answers, it kept solvers engaged and thinking outside the box. Today’s answers for both the across and vertical clues provided a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Whether you’re a seasoned crossword aficionado or a newcomer to the game, the New York Times Crossword Puzzle is a great way to exercise your brain and have fun at the same time. So grab a pencil and enjoy the puzzle! Don’t forget to check back for the next edition and sharpen your skills.