HSC Result 2023 By Mobile SMS

HSC Result 2023 By SMS is a very easy and simply process to get result though mobile phone. There are many ways to get HSC result, SMS method is the easiest and fastest way of them. So, the process of getting HSC result through SMS is essential for all candidates. By knowing this process you can get your HSC result via SMS without any hassle. You can even get results before everyone else via SMS. There are also some special benefits that only help you to be worry-free on the day of the result. So let’s take a look at the details of HSC Result 2023 Through SMS.

Suppose the SSC results has been published now. But you don’t have any idea how to check the HSC result. So, result checking method is very important thing for us. For this purpose it is your duty to know the right method of checking result. So I am discussing the process of HSC Result & Alim Result & HSC Vocational Result checking method and details about it.

HSC Exam Result Passed Candidates

HSC Result 2023 Pre-Registration Via SMS

Before HSC result 2023 published, Pre Registration by SMS is a process to get H.S.C result like a notification. In this Pre Registration process, you will be sent your HSC exam result via an SMS while the result published. In this case you have to registration using your HSC exam info before 08th February 2023. This year, for the first time, the Board of Education has introduced this pre-registration system.

HSC Exam 2023 have been finished successfully. Though the exam process has been finished, the result has not been publish yet. Although our country is facing corona problem. Due to Corona Virus it is not possible to publish HSC Exam Result 2023 on time. But we expect that the result will publish 08th February 2023. Therefore, with the consent of the Government of Bangladesh, the Board of Education has decided to deliver the results on mobile. So we advise you to pre-register for the result of your or your loved one from your mobile. Moreover, if the HSC result is published, you will get the result along with the complete marksheet on our website. Now the question is how to register for HSC exam result by SMS? and what will we do after registration? Let;s know how about the process.

How to Register for HSC Result?

The pre registration for getting HSC result by SMS is going on. So, Students can able to register for their result from any operators like GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, TeleTalk. In fact, the method is the same as the way to get the result by sending an SMS to the mobile on the day of the result. Only the rules have changed here. In previous years, If you send an SMS to get the result, if the result is not published, it would have been written in the return SMS that the result was not published. But this time it is being instructed to send SMS beforehand, so that the result reaches everyone’s mobile as soon as the result is published.

HSC Result 2023 (দেখুন)

In order to pre-registration for HSC result 2023, write a new message like the format below.

HSC [space] your board [space] your roll number [space] your passing year.

Example: HSC DHA 153819 2022

Then send this SMS to 16222 number.

Your pre registration for getting HSC result 2023 in SMS to your mobile phone is done. Now wait until the result published. After HSC result published, you will get your HSC result automatic in an SMS.

এইচএসসি রেজাল্ট ২০২১ দেখতে সমস্য হলে-

Why Should Use SMS Method To See HSC Result?

We live in a Digital era. But it is a matter of sorrow that there are many people in our country they has not access. Even many people do not use smartphones or internet. So, how they will see their & their relatives HSC results? Therefore, in this situation they can use SMS Method. Because there are very few people who have not any phone. So, they will be able to see their result by adopting this method.

On the other hand, there is a reason to suggest for SMS Method. On the result day, all the students and their relatives want to check their HSC results. Getting their result fast, they want to check their result by using Internet. Since there is no alternative website to see the result, the official website server goes down. The website cannot load the huge traffic. In such a situation we become very worried. SMS Method is a method that you have no fear of server jam. So, you can easily check your result.

Check HSC Result 2023 by SMS

It is very easy to see hsc result 2023 by mobile SMS system. To get HSC result, you need to send an SMS in a specific format. In this case keep your mobile balance minimum 2.60 Taka. Because to get HSC result through SMS, a minimum charge 2.56 Taka must charged. We have discussed about registering to get HSC result 2023 above. There is no need to re-apply this method if you have already registered. And if you haven’t, then send an SMS to 16222 number in your board’s specific format. The SMS format for getting ssc result into mobile is-

Exam name <SPACE> First three letters of your Board name <SPACE> Roll no <SPACE> 2022 and send to 16222

HSC RAJ 567805 2022

Here we are including all board HSC result 2023 by SMS format. All SMS format for getting ssc result 2023 are below.

Dhaka Board HSC Result SMS Format

An SMS format is available for Dhaka board to get HSC result by SMS. So all Dhaka board HSC candidates can send SMS and also get their result in a super fast speed. At first , go to your mobile Message option [ Ensure that you have enough balance ] and send SMS like-

HSC <SPACE> DHA <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Rajshahi Board HSC Result SMS Format

Through sending SMS, Rajshahi board HSC result is also available for all candidates. If you are a candidate of Rajshahi board, then follow the Format below for getting HSC Result 2023 through SMS.

HSC <SPACE> RAJ <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Barisal Board HSC Result SMS Format

HSC Candidates of Barisal board can get their HSC result 2023 by SMS easily. In order to get HSC result 2023 for Barisal board by SMS, follow the included format below.

HSC <SPACE> BAR <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Chittagong Board HSC Result SMS Format

To get Chittagong board HSC Result 2023 by sending SMS, kindly type & send a message like this-

HSC <SPACE> CHI <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Comilla Board HSC Result SMS Format

HSC result 2023 of Comilla board can be found very fast by Mobile SMS process. To get HSC result 2023 by SMS for Comilla board, send an SMS. The SMS format must be the exact format mentioned below.

HSC <SPACE> COM <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Dinajpur Board HSC Result SMS Format

The board of Dinajpur offers to get HSC result through Mobile SMS. So, to get the offer you must be sent an SMS to 16222. Follow the format below.

HSC <SPACE> DIN <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Jessore Board HSC Result SMS Format

If you are a candidate of Jessore Board, the you can get your HSC result by SMS. So follow the SMS format below.

HSC <SPACE> JES <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Madrasha Board HSC Alim Result SMS Format

There are a huge candidates whose are participated HSC Exam under Madrasha Board. So, are you a Madrasha Board Student? So, I have presented the Alim Result By SMS Method for you. Please check it now.

HSC <SPACE> MAD <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Sylhet Board HSC Result SMS Format

The SMS process to get Sylhet board HSC result 2023 is-

HSC <SPACE> SYL <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Technical Board HSC Vocational Result SMS Format

It is a good news for technical board students. Because HSC Vocational Result By SMS method is here for you. So, you must try this.

HSC <SPACE> TEC <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Mymensingh Board HSC Result SMS Format

Through Mymensingh board is new but also has an option to get their HSC result by SMS. So send an SMS and you will get your Result via SMS in Mobile.

HSC <SPACE> MYM <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2022 SEND TO 16222

Final Word About HSC Result SMS Process

We hope you have learned all about HSC Result 2023 By SMS. So if you want to get HSC result to your Mobile phone fast, then apply methods with our above described methods.