HSC Result 2020 Auto Pass System Through SSC & JSC Result

HSC Result 2022 New System By JSC & SSC Grade Point

HSC Result 2020 auto pass will be prepared with new method through SSC & JSC Results. So, this time Education Board Bangladesh is going to create HSC result 2020 without exam. In this case the result making system is unknown to all candidates and guardians. Although everyone knows that HSC results will be made by averaging JSC and SSC results, but everyone is very curious to know about how will prepare HSC result 2020. In addition, how to calculate GPA. Further, what will be subject wise marks. So, let’s discuss all of your question about HSC result 2020 system. However, the exact system is totally unknown to all, so here we are discuss the possible ways to generate HSC result 2020 GPA & every subject marks.

The Education Board Bangladesh is going to prepare the HSC examination results of this year in a new way. Because for the first time in the history of Bangladesh, not having HSC exam 2020 in this year. In a press release, On October 08, Education Minister Dipu Moni announced her decision not to take the HSC exam this year. However, E-Board will publish the HSC result 2020 in December after preparing. And that is why there are many questions in the minds of the examinees that then how the HSC result will be counted. How will their GPA points be? In this case, the Minister of Education and the Board of Education have informed that the results of HSC examination 2020 will be prepared based on SSC and JSC marks. We all know, due to corona pandemic the HSC exam 2020 has not possible. So this challenging HSC result making method will have been apply. However, we are sharing some opinion about HSC result process system. It can be true or false.

How To Create HSC Auto Pass Result 2020

After hearing about the HSC result from SSC and JSC average results, everyone started counting their results. In this case, everyone is following the most common method. For example, adding two exam grade points is dividing it by 2. This method of finding out the result of HSC examination is given below-

Determining HSC Result By Evaluating The SSC-JSC Results More Or Less

We know there are group divisions from SSC. But there is no group division in JSC. Students can study Science, Arts, Commerce in SSC as well as in HSC. So the importance of SSC result may be more than JSC in determining HSC result 2020. In this way HSC result 2020 can be prepared more accurately. For example, to prepare HSC result 2020 using 25% from JSC result and 75% from SSC result. This method is used in the result mark of Dhaka University Admission Test.

Suppose, My JSC result is 4.50 and SSC result is 5.0.

Now we will find out 40% of the JSC result. If the JSC result is 4.50, then 25% of it is (4.50×25=112.5/100) GPA 1.125. Similarly, if we calculate 75% of SSC result, if SSC result is 5.0 then 75% (5×75=375/100) will be GPA 3.75.

Then if we add the result of two exams, we will get (1.125 + 3.75) GPA 4.875 or 4.88.

So, by using this method 2, the HSC result is 4.88.

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Calculate HSC GPA From JSC & SSC Average Grade

Suppose, My JSC result is 4.50 and SSC result is 5.0.

So, the JSC & SSC total grade point is (4.50 + 5.00) 9.50.

Now dividing 9.50 by 2, and the average grade point is 4.75.

So, by using this method my HSC result GPA is 4.75.

Note: This mathod is not using to create HSC result right now.

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However, the above method is ok if the HSC result 2020 will have only GPA. Because, if the result is the average of the previous tests, this may be the best method. But if the result is making like this, then there will be many problems in the future. Because, for many, GPA will be equal. Which will be a problem in determining the merit in case of admission in the next educational institution. In many cases when the GPA is equal at the time of making the competition or merit rank then the assessment is done with the marks obtained in all the exams. So it is expected that there will be an issue of GPA calculation as well as the number obtained.

How Can HSC Subject Wise Marksheet Be Created?

What will happen to the marksheet if it is passed without taking the HSC exam? So will there be no marksheet for HSC candidates in 2020? If so, it is extremely unfortunate. However, HSC marksheet is very important for an examinee. So maybe the Board of Education will take an effective decision in this regard too. We are discussing possible ways to create marksheet in HSC results of 2020.

In Science, Humanities & Commerce group, every subject in SSC and almost every subject in HSC is similar. Therefore, we think it will be useful for the students of Science, Arts or Commerce group to prepare subject based numbers. As JSC has no different subject like these three groups. So there will not be taken any action for group wise subjects. In this case, only SSC group wise subject marks might be emulated to HSC. On the other hand, subjects that are common between JSC, SSC and HSC, might be numbered on average.

Suppose, common subjects are Bangla, English, ICT. So in the case of these subjects, the mark will obtain by average.

Subject JSC Mark SSC Mark Calculation HSC Mark
Bangla 75 86 75+86=161/2 80.5 (A+ / 5)
English 84 72 84+72=156/2 78 (A / 4)
ICT 83 82 83+82=166/2 83 (A+ / 5)

In addition, let’s calculate the group wise subjects. But this time we will only count from SSC result. In this case the SSC and the HSC marks will same. Let’s explain with Science group.

Subject SSC Mark HSC Mark
Physics 86 86 (A+ / 5)
Chemistry 75 75 (A / 4)
Biology 82 82 (A+ / 5)
Math / Optional Subject 90 90 (A+ / 5) as it is optional, so we minus 2 point from it. So we count 3 for this.

However, let’s generate the HSC result by using this marksheet counting mathod.

Calculating Points- 5+4+5+5+4+5+3=31/5= 5.16.

That means GPA 5.

So we create HSC Result Marksheet For All Subject Wise Marks. Though it is a possible way. We do not know how will make HSC result this year. We just sharing our opinions. Different students may have different SSC or HSC subjects. It might be selected as subject to maximum similar between both exam.

Comment For HSC New Result System

What Will Be The Result Of Improve Examinees?

Although with some arguments we discussed the possible ways and also came out the result but a complex question is going to be how the result of the students who failed last year will be done?

This can also be solved by thinking deeply! Since these candidates have also passed JSC and SSC examinations. Therefore, it is possible to determine their result only on the basis of similar subjects in the subjects in which they have failed.


Though HSC result without participating exam is very joyful news for most of the candidates, But it hampers to Prevents proper merit assessment. However, nothing to do due to Covid-19. We have discussed here our opinios about how will the result process system of HSC through SSC & JSC. It might be not followed. We hope Education Board Bangladesh will follow the best process to create HSC Result 2020.