France VS Australia Head to Head

At the moment, football fans around the world are in the frenzy of Qatar World Cup 2022. The group stage matches of the World Cup are going to start from November this year. All the teams are preparing for the group stage matches. This is because group stage matches are very important for all teams. Already, all the teams have been divided into 8 groups of 4 by lottery for the group stage matches of the World Cup.


Group D match between France and Australia. These two teams have faced each other before. So the fans of these two teams are very worried about this group stage match. For this reason we will discuss the head to head results of these two teams in this article.

France vs Australia head to head

So far a total of 5 times France vs Australia have faced each other on the field. France have won 3 of the 5 times they have faced each other. In contrast, Australia won only 1 match and the remaining 1 match was a draw. In terms of head-to-head results, France is far ahead. Besides, France’s performance is very good in recent times.


Australia vs France face off

France played against Australia on May 26, 1994. France won the match 1-0. After that, these two teams met 4 more times. However, in the latest results, France won 2-1 in the 2018 World Cup. Below are the results of the match between these two teams.






26 May 1994

France VS Australia



Kirin Japan Cup 

1 Jun 2001

France VS Australia



FIFA Confederation Cup

11 Nov 2001

France VS Australia



International Friendly

11 Oct 2013

France VS Australia



International Friendly

16 Jun 2018

France VS Australia



FIFA World Cup

Who is ahead in terms of strength?

Australia plays very good football. However, this team has no achievements on the big stage of football. But this team has the ability to fight any team in the field. In the last match, Australia took the field against Peru in the World Cup qualifiers. This match was a goalless draw. The match went to a tiebreaker as it was the final match of the qualifiers at the World Cup. Australia won the tiebreaker by 5-4.

On the other hand, France is one of the biggest football teams in Europe. This team gives good football game to football fans all over the world. France won the last World Cup in their own name. However, in recent times, France has been a little less in tune than in the last World Cup. Despite this, France is far ahead in terms of power. Also many football pundits are calling France the clear favorite between France vs Australia. In addition to this, they also said that this is a football field, anything can happen at any time in this field. So we finally have to keep our eyes on the TV screen.


All the selected teams are preparing for the World Cup in Qatar. By now, all the teams know who their group stage opponents are going to be. Because of this, football fans around the world are very worried about their favorite team. So in this article we have discussed about France vs Australia head to head results. 

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