Denmark VS Australia Head to Head

Ahead of Qatar World Cup 2022, there is a lot of curiosity among football fans around the world. All the teams selected for the World Cup are making preparations. The goal of all teams is to win the World Cup. All the group stage matches have already been set. Football fans are very worried about the group stage matches.

Denmark vs Australia is going to enter the field in the group stage match. Fans of both the teams are discussing and criticizing the match. Both teams are very strong teams. Anything can happen on the field at any time. So in this article I will discuss about Denmark vs Australia head to head result.

Denmark vs Australia head to head

Total of 4 times Denmark has played against Australia so far. Denmark has won 2 of the 4 meetings. In contrast, Australia won only 1 match. And the remaining 1 match has been drawn. In terms of head-to-head results, Denmark is slightly ahead. However, the head-to-head results clearly indicate that the two teams are not inferior to each other.


Australia vs Denmark face off

Denmark first played against Australia on 6 February 2007. Denmark won the international friendly match 3-1. After that, these two teams entered the field 3 more times. Moreover, these two teams did not enter the field. The game of these two teams has not been much. Below are the results of the match between the two teams.






6 Feb 2007

Denmark VS Australia



International Friendly 

1 Jun 2010

Denmark VS Australia



International Friendly 

2 Jun 2012

Denmark VS Australia



International Friendly

21 Jun 2018

Denmark VS Australia



FIFA World Cup

Who is ahead in terms of strength?

Although Australia is not a big name in the history of football, this team plays very good football. This team has no achievements on the big stage of football. However, this team has the ability to fight with any team in the field. In the last match, Australia took the field against Peru in the World Cup qualifiers. This match was a goalless draw. The match went to a tiebreaker as it was the final match of the qualifiers at the World Cup. Australia won the tiebreaker by 5-4.

On the other hand, Denmark is a very strong team. Denmark has been playing much better football in recent times than before. Denmark played against Austria in the last match. Won the match 2-0. However, in terms of strength, many footballers are putting Denmark far ahead. This match between Australia vs Denmark in the group stage is going to be very enjoyable.


All football teams and fans are thinking a lot about the Qatar World Cup group stage matches. Denmark vs Australia is going to enter the field in the group stage match. A lot of curiosity has been created around the match on and off the field. So in this article the head to head results of these two teams are discussed.

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