Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers Today

Are you looking to learn the latest Binance and earn quiz answers? You have come to the right place. Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, is well known for its willingness to try new things and expand its offerings. The Binance Bitcoin Button and the Binance Wodl game are just two of the exchange’s recent cryptocurrency-earning offerings. Learn and Earn, commonly known as Binance’s quiz product and known as “Learn”, is the oldest and most popular, offering a variety of questions to Binance users to earn cryptocurrency. Today Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers Beginner’s Guide already published in this post.

Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers

Binance is excited to announce that we will soon launch the next round of “Binance Learn & Earn” to celebrate the festive season, where users can learn about blockchain and earn free crypto by completing courses and quizzes. All KYC-verified users can start reading articles and watching video(s) anytime from now and complete quizzes till token supply ends! Go to the link and learn Binance and earn quiz answers and check all quiz answers added below now.

Eligible users will have the opportunity to receive a predetermined amount of BNB, BUSD, ALGO, POLYX or tokens from other projects depending on their completed courses or quizzes. Note that each course can only be completed once, and each user is eligible for a maximum of one prize per completed course.

What Is Binance Simple Earn ?

Simple Earn allows you to earn daily rewards by depositing your digital assets for flexible or locked terms. You can subscribe or redeem almost anytime, so you can maintain flexibility and liquidity over your assets while earning daily rewards. For more details, please refer to each product’s terms and conditions. Locked products offer higher rewards in exchange for your assets committed for specific terms with a predetermined redemption date. You may still choose to redeem your entire balance at any time prior to the Redeem Date, but you will forfeit any Rewards you have earned or received up to that time.

How is Binance able to pay users daily rewards?

Your Common Earnings resources are used for various purposes within Binance, including by other business units. Assets deposited in flexible products can be used for Binance’s business operations. They can also be used as part of digital assets that are loaned to other users (eg, they can be used in margin and crypto loan products). Binance is obligated to return your Digital Assets and General Earnings Rewards regardless of whether your use of Digital Assets generates Digital Assets for Binance.

Binance can also use your normal earning assets to stake in the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks. In PoS staking, users stake their crypto in a smart contract to perform various network functions (such as transaction verification). In return, they receive staking rewards. Partnerships encourage maintenance of network security through ownership. Binance is obligated to return your Digital Assets and General Earnings Rewards regardless of whether your use of Digital Assets generates Digital Assets for Binance.

Where to find learn and earn in Binance?

Go to the [Learn and Earn] landing page and log in to your Binance account. You will see a list of available courses and the amount of crypto rewards you can earn after completing the course. However, prizes are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Reward distribution usually takes less than 2 hours. However, you may not receive the prize if you are not eligible. Please read the terms and conditions below. Please note that system issues may cause delays in prize delivery. If you do not receive your reward within 48 hours, please contact customer support.

How to Play Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers ?

  • At First, download the Binance app.
  • Then, Login/Sign in to your account (KYC is mandatory).
  • Next, Home Dashboard section.
  • Now, Watch Learn and earn quiz banners & Click on this banner.
  • You can participate and play this game.
  • Slow quiz questions and answers and win guaranteed prizes.
  • Assured reward crypto tokens.

Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers Today 2022

What network did WOOFI first launch on?

Answer: BNB Chain

Who benefits from WOO Network’s services?

Answer: All are correct

WOO Network was selected as a judge in BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder Program. True or false?

Answer: False

Who invested in WOO Network’s Series A+ fundraising round in 2021?

Answer: Binance Labs

How much does Kronos Research trade each day?

Answer: $1 billion+

WOOFI is an all-in-one dApp.

Answer: True

What is WOOFI’s swap fee?

Answer: 0.025%

How quickly can WOOFI cross-chain swaps complete?

Answer: 30 seconds

Which blockchain is BENQI deployed on?

Answer: Avalanche

Which asset does BENQI Liquid Staking support?

Answer: AVAX

BNB was originally issued as a:

Answer: BRC-20 token on Ethereum

Initial Sale Price?

Answer: ETH for 2700 BNB and 1 BTC to 20,000

BNB launched through an initial game offering (IGO) in 2017?

Answer: False

Polymesh is the blockchain ?

Answer: Making tokenization accessible to institutions

How large is the securities market?

Answer: Hundreds of trillions of dollars

What are the next steps for Polymesh?

Answer: Stablecoins, MERCAT, Integrations, NFTs

Can you earn staking rewards with POLYX?

Answer: YES