Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Price In Bangladesh

Looking for a compact and versatile gimbal for your smartphone? Look no further than the Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal. In this article, you can get the specifications of Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal (C030020INT) along with its price in Bangladesh. With features like instant landscape and portrait transition, gestures ready, ultimate flexibility, and smart filmmaking capabilities, this gimbal is a must-have for any mobile filmmaker or content creator.

Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Key Features

Zhiyun Smooth X

Instant Landscape & Portrait Transition

Gestures Ready

Ultimate Flexibility

SMART Filmmaking

Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Price In Bangladesh

Model Part Number: C030020INT
Brand Zhiyun
Price 8,640 Taka9,000 Taka

The Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal, model C030020INT, is a game changer in the world of smartphone videography. Created by the renowned brand Zhiyun, this gimbal boasts a range of features that make it a must-have for content creators. With the ability to seamlessly transition between landscape and portrait modes, the Zhiyun Smooth X ensures that you can capture every moment perfectly. Its gestures ready technology allows for hands-free control, while its ultimate flexibility ensures that you can get the perfect angle for every shot. The SMART Filmmaking feature takes your videos to the next level, with professional-grade stabilization and tracking. Priced at 8,640 Taka (discounted from 9,000 Taka), this gimbal is a steal for the quality it offers. Whether you’re a beginner looking to up your content game or a seasoned pro in need of a reliable tool, the Zhiyun Smooth X is the perfect choice. Get yours online or from Startech, Ryans Computers today.

Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Specifications

Capacity 850 mA 500 mA
Voltage Max: 4.2 v
Standard: 3.7 v
Min: 3.4 v
Operating Temperature Max: 45 °C
Standard: 25 °C
Min: -10 °C
Operating Time Max: 5.5 h
Standard: 4 h
Charging Time Standard: 3 h
Mechanical Range Following Deviation in Motion State:
Max: ± 0.3 °
Standard: ± 0.1 °
Min: ± 0.05 °
Following Deviation in Static State:
Max: ± 0.04 °
Min: ± 0.01 °
Roll Mechanical Range: Standard: 285 °
Pan axis movement angle range: Standard: 300
Maximum Load 200±35 g
Warranty 1 year service warranty (Motor broken will be considered as physical damage, customer will not get any service warranty)

The Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal is a compact and lightweight gimbal that offers stable footage with your smartphone. Weighing only 246g, it is easy to carry in your bag or even in your pocket. The rotatable structure and extendable grip allow for a larger vision while the handy ZY Cami app provides easy video editing.

The simplicity of operation with only three buttons makes it user-friendly for beginners and professionals alike. The revolutionary design extends the reach of your smartphone up to 260mm, giving you more creative possibilities for your shots. The Quick Roll function ensures that you never miss a moment worth sharing, making it ideal for content creators on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The dedicated ZY Cami app offers advanced editing functions, templates, and special effects to enhance your videos without the need for additional software. The TimeLapse feature captures stunning scenery in a few seconds, while the 180° panoramic view option provides a unique perspective for your videos.

With a price range under 8,640 Taka, the Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal offers a range of features that justify its value. The lightweight and compact design, along with the advanced editing options provided by the ZY Cami app, make it a worthy investment for anyone looking to elevate their smartphone videography. If you are a content creator or someone who enjoys capturing moments on your smartphone, the Zhiyun Smooth X Foldable Smartphone Gimbal is a great choice within this price range.