Turkey Neck Soup Day – History, Observe, Activities, Importance, Quotes, Caption & Status

March 30, 2023, marks the celebration of National Turkey Neck Soup Day. This day brings people together to celebrate the joy of cooking and sharing a bowl of homemade soup with their loved ones. Turkey necks are often considered an unpopular part of the turkey but, when combined with onions, carrots, and seasoning, they make an excellent base for a delicious soup. In this blog, we will discuss the history of Turkey Neck Soup Day, how to observe it, activities to participate in, and why this day is important.

Turkey Neck Soup Day Date

Turkey Neck Soup Day is celebrated every year on March 30. Families gather around to celebrate and enjoy a hearty meal of turkey neck soup. It is the perfect day to stay indoors and warm up with a delicious bowl of soup.

Turkey Neck Soup Day History

Turkey neck soup has been around for centuries and has been used as an economic way to feed people. The Native Americans did not consider turkey to be a good source of food as they are thought to be weak. In the past, turkeys were only eaten during times of famine. However, over time, turkey necks have become a popular ingredient in homemade soup recipes. Turkey neck soup is made using many turkey necks and often combined with root vegetables like carrots and turnips. People also add rice or noodles to it, and it is left to simmer for hours. This meal is not only enjoyed on Turkey Neck Soup Day, but it is also a popular comfort food during the winters and holiday season.

How To Observe Turkey Neck Soup Day

To observe Turkey Neck Soup Day, plan a meal with your family and friends and make a batch of soup. Collect different recipes and explore new ways to make this savory soup. Try experimenting with different spices, vegetables, and herbs to customize the soup to your taste. Share your soup pictures and recipes on social media to encourage others to join in on the fun.

Turkey Neck Soup Day Activities

Turkey Neck Soup Day is a perfect opportunity to try new recipes and spend quality time with loved ones. Here are some activities that you can participate in:

1. Prepare some delicious turkey neck soup: Prepare a classic turkey neck soup for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy the aroma and flavor of this hearty soup.

2. Learn about all the different recipes to make turkey neck soups: Collect all the different and unique recipes that you can find and save them to make this soup on future Turkey Neck Soup Days.

3. Share your recipes and soup pictures with the world: On this day, you can encourage others to join you and have a bowl of this yummy soup by sharing pictures and recipes on social media.

Importance Of Turkey Neck Soup Day

Turkey Neck Soup Day is not only about soup, but it is also about bringing people together. It is a day where people spend quality time with their family and loved ones. Turkey neck soup is an excellent way to connect with your heritage and cultural roots. It is a cost-effective way to feed people, and homemade soup is always healthier than store-bought options.

Quotes on Turkey Neck Soup Day

Here are some ideas and quotes to help you celebrate Turkey Neck Soup Day:

1. “Soup is the song of the hearth…and the home” – Louis P. De Gouy

2. “Let’s warm our souls with some homemade turkey neck soup on this special day.”

3. “Soup is a hug in a bowl.”

4. “Gather around and share a bowl of soup with your loved ones on this Turkey Neck Soup Day.”

Turkey Neck Soup Day Captions, Message & Status

Here are ten captions to use for your Turkey Neck Soup Day pictures or social media status:

1. Nothing warms the heart and soul like a bowl of homemade turkey neck soup.

2. Today, let’s celebrate Turkey Neck Soup Day with a bowl of hearty and flavorful soup.

3. Sharing a bowl of soup with family and friends is what Turkey Neck Soup Day is all about.

4. A meal that connects us to our cultural roots – Happy Turkey Neck Soup Day!

5. From a humble turkey neck to a delicious homemade soup – Happy Turkey Neck Soup Day!

6. Come together and warm your soul with some homemade turkey neck soup today.

7. Just another day to slurp on some yummy turkey neck soup.

8. Soup is good for the soul and your stomach. Happy Turkey Neck Soup Day!

9. Let’s celebrate Turkey Neck Soup Day by sharing some warmth and joy with our loved ones.

10. On this Turkey Neck Soup Day, let’s slow down and enjoy the simple pleasure of a homemade meal.


1. How can you use turkey stock?

You can use turkey stock to make soups, gravy, and you can even make some sauces using the stock.

2. Can you cook turkey broth for too long?

If you cook your turkey broth with vegetables for too long, it can develop somewhat unpleasant flavors.

3. What is the difference between turkey stock and turkey broth?

The difference between turkey stock and broth is that the stock is made using turkey neck or bones, while turkey broth is prepared using the meaty part of the turkey.


Turkey Neck Soup Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the joy of cooking and sharing homemade soup with loved ones. It is an excellent opportunity to try new recipes and explore different culinary traditions. Turkey neck soup is not only delicious, but it is also a cost-effective way to feed people. On this day, take some time to slow down, enjoy a warm bowl of soup, and spend quality time with your family and friends.