Top 7 Light Sources to Beautify Minecraft Builds

Are you looking for creative ways to add visual appeal and atmosphere to your Minecraft builds? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top seven light sources for decoration that will help you achieve your desired effect effortlessly. Whether you want to create a cozy ambiance, an eerie atmosphere, or a futuristic aesthetic, these light sources have got you covered.

1) Froglights: Add Whimsy and Charm

Froglights were introduced in Minecraft’s 1.19 update and can be obtained when frogs eat tiny magma cubes. These blocks emit a soft light in different colors depending on the frog type. Warm frogs emit a pearlescent light, temperate frogs emit an ochre light, and cold frogs emit a verdant light. You can place Froglights in any orientation, just like logs or basalt. They are perfect for adding some whimsy and charm to your builds, whether in ponds, swamps, or fairy gardens.

2) Cave Vines / Glow Berries: Create a Natural Aesthetic

Glow berries can be found in lush caves, and cave vines are plants that emit a soft yellow light. You can harvest glow berries with shears and place them on ceilings or walls. Over time, cave vines grow downwards, and you can speed up the process by using bonemeal. Cave vines and glow berries are ideal for creating a natural and organic aesthetic in gardens, jungles, or greenhouses.

3) Lanterns: Give Your Builds a Rustic Ambiance

Made from iron nuggets and torches, lanterns emit a warm yellow-orange glow that can be seen from afar. You can place them on any solid surface or hang them from chains or other blocks. Lanterns are perfect for creating a rustic ambiance in Minecraft and are ideal for lighting up cabins. You can also use lanterns to craft soul lanterns, which emit blue light.

4) End Rods: Create a Futuristic and Otherworldly Aesthetic

End rods can be found within end cities and emit a cool purple-white radiance. They can be placed horizontally or vertically, and pistons and water can push these light sources. Crafted from a popped chorus fruit and a blaze rod, end rods are perfect for creating a futuristic and otherworldly aesthetic in spaceships, portals, or laboratories.

5) Torches: The Original Go-To Light Source

Torches are one of the most basic and prevalent light sources in Minecraft. They offer a soft yellow glow and can be crafted from a stick and either coal or charcoal. You can place torches on any solid surface or hold them in your hand. Torches are indispensable for illuminating dark areas like caves, mineshafts, or dungeons and are ideal for achieving a simple and natural aesthetic, whether in campsites, farms, or villages. They can also be turned into soul torches, which emit blue light.

6) Sea Lanterns: Embellish Underwater Structures

Sea lanterns are created from prismarine shards and crystals and serve as underwater light sources that emit a radiant blue-white glow. They are perfect for embellishing underwater structures like aquariums, bases, or temples. Sea lanterns also create a striking contrast when paired with darker blocks such as deepslate or blackstone.

7) Candles: Add Romance and Style

Candles were introduced in the 1.17 update of Minecraft and can be crafted using honeycombs and string. They emit a flickering yellow glow and can be placed on solid surfaces. Candles offer the option to dye them into various colors and stack up to four on a single block. They add a touch of romance and style to spaces like dining rooms, bedrooms, or spas.

These seven light sources are among the best options for illuminating and embellishing your Minecraft creations. Mix and match them to give your builds a unique style and ambiance, and enjoy experimenting with different lighting effects. Happy building!